Press Release – March 16, 2017


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Gainesville – Alachua County voters oppose removal of the Confederate Statue in downtown Gainesville in a landslide, according to a new poll.


The opinon poll, conducted on March 13 – 14, 2017 of a demographically accurate sample of an appropriate number of voters, also spoke clearly that taxpayer funds should NOT be spent to move it.


“More than two out of three voters supported keeping the statue, and 9 out of 10 didn’t want tax dollars used to move it” according to David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage – Florida spokesman.


“The Historical Commission spoke, the Veterans Advisory Board spoke and now the people have spoken. Its time for the Commission to do the right thing and stop talking about moving this memorial to our Alachua County Veterans”.


The precisely worded poll asked voters if they agreed or disagreed with the two County advisory boards’ recommendation to the County Commission to keep the Veteran’s memorial in place. A second question asked if the voter favored the expenditure of the estimated $36,000 in tax dollars for removal.


“The voters don’t want it moved and sure aren’t willing to pay for it” McCallister added.


A final question asked voter’s opinion on the current movement in America to desecrate war memorials including removal of memorials to the Confederacy. Over 91% opposed removal.


This poll comes on the heels of a informal poll conducted this week by FirstCoast News, a Jacksonville, FL ABC News affiliate that shows 84% of Jacksonville residents opposed moving the Hemming Park Confederate Monument.


“This level of support for honoring War memorials, like the ones in Gainesville and Jacksonville, constitutes a ‘landslide’ said McCallister. This level of support far exceeds the 60% plus one vote required to pass a Constitutional Amendment in Florida, and so can only be viewed by Alachua County Commissioners, Jacksonville City Council members, all of Florida’s elected officials, as a ‘mandate’ that Floridians want War Memorials protected” he added.


“We’re particularly pleased with the Alachua County poll, as the area is arguably the most progressive county in Florida” said McCallister. “If they see it for what it is, imagine how more conservative voters in Florida view the issue” he added.


Multiple national public opinion polls over decades continue to show that most Americans do not view symbols of the Confederate States of America, like the flag as symbols of hate, but just history. “The officials that continue deriding memorials to Florida’s historic veterans are out of touch with America, out of step with their voters, and may soon be out of office” said McCallister.


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