From: Mark Vogl
Date: Fri, Mar 10, 2017
Subject: Follow up on a Southern political organization


Hi all ya’ll Southern Patriots,


Just wanted to follow up on what i wrote about a week ago.


There are some who have expressed an interest in a Southern Political Action Committee, others who seek a Southern Political Party. Both are sizeable tasks that would require thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Southerners to join, to make successful. Both would have a clear and present impact on politics in America.


What I want to do is lay out what I think are important principles either a political party or political action committee should adopt.


First, and most important, is Christianity. This nation was founded as a Christian nation, and that is undeniable. The historical proof is massive, and easily presented. And it goes to the true meaning of the First Amendment when it was first adopted. You see, every state Constitution, at the time the federal Constitution was adopted, addressed Christianity…and embraced it. Many states, both north and South, required office holders to pledge they were Christians, Protestants, or believers in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In other words, you could not be anything but a Christian to hold office! And many states had official religions…all Christian.


Did you know that the first federal law to address public education, the Northwest Ordinance…the legislation which addressed the creation of future states, in Article 3 stated the purpose of education was “….religion, morality and knowledge…” Notice anything there? You see our founders knew that the Bible was the essential Word of God, and to keep the devil away, one must know the Bible….the “Old Deluder Satan Law” was the first law to establish public education in Massachusetts…


This leads to some really important stuff. For one, the Bible, the Ten Commandments and prayer SHOULD BE in public school! And any new party of the South should embrace this as a core concept. Education is a state responsiblity and should not be funded or interfered with by the federal government.


Second, lets talk Sovereignty. God is SOVEREIGN…the Creator. Because He Created, He Rules. But He gave each of us, each individual the right to rule ourselves. Thus our liberty and sovereignty come from God. They are Divine in origin. And that freedom and sovereignty is guided by His Word…the Bible. So….the authority to govern comes from God to you and I, and we then grant the state government some of our sovereignty to govern,. The state then surrenders through the Constitution…some authority to the federal government to govern IN SOME AREAS….AS DESIGNATED in the Constitution…


So second, Sovereignty comes from God, as does all our inalienable rights…and we surrender a portion to the states…which makes the states the founding partners of the union. The state is independent and voluntarily surrenders some of its power to the federal government. The right of the state to secede is the first basic check on federal power. It is undeniable, and irrevocable.


The Confederate Constitution did mention God in the Preamble, and it is because of this, that I believe the above is Southern. The Southern founders knew the importance of God.


Third, the Supreme Court and the Judiciary are merely referees – so like in football…either the law is legal…or…if the law is not Constitutional, than every thing should be reset to its starting position and the Congress or state tries again. BUT THE COURTS DO NOT MAKE LAW, SET DIRECTION, OR MESS WITH THE INTERPRETATION OF THE CONSTITUTION…if a layman cannot read and understand the Constitution….then something is wrong…………….since it is OUR SOVEREIGNTY, our individual sovereignty we are talking about.


Fourth term limits are essential to all, including Judges. And once you serve….that’s it. No more monies from government, no retirement, for public officials…no being bought out to keep your mouths shut.


Fifth, we are Americans and our national boundaries are set…by God. The boundaries and citizenship are essential to living in a free, democratic society. If a government official violates the law in their capacity as an office holder…such as Sanctuary Cities…they don’t get sued, they go to jail.


Sixth, the only way to amend the Constitution is through Amendment…not by Court decision, and not by treaty. One way. That’s it.


There are many other things I would like to see…but these basic principles are a minimum for a new Southern political organization…at least one that I would support.


There are reasons for a Southern political organization, and its not just to protect monuments and grave sites… The South is a wonderful place, with a wonderful history, culture, women, music, food, church, way of life. It is American, but a special version of American. It is a region that should have its own television and radio stations, a region with its own dialects and its own customs. The splendor of the South is not being one large monolithic nation…Virginia is certainly not Texas, South Carolina not Louisiana! Each State of the South is a jewel of its own being, created by God. Land ownership, nature, the blessings of God are still treasured here.


This is the South I want to work preserve…not in history books…(though our history is the model) but today, now. President Trump is working to Make America Great Again…I am all for that…but to get there you need to re-invigorate and re-energize, and create a Southern revival…which should include a Christian revival!


This is what I hope for, pray for, seek. A land where Robert E. Lee is the man we aspire to be.


God Bless the people and the spirit of the South,


Mark Vogl
Rebel Mountain, Texas