Ok, I am going to try again. Before I do, I want to say this is NOT an attack on the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, or the Order of the Confederate Rose. It is an observation, after watching the Culture War which is occurring within the United States of America.


The attack on the South, and in fact the attack on America’s heritage is a political fight. I cannot say the same people who are attacking Confederate monuments, the Confederate battle flag, Confederate veterans headstones, or Southern culture and history are the same people attacking George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution, and American history. If I were to make a guess I would say they are,. But the bottom line is, that attack is not just in the news papers or history classrooms. This attack is in the street, in the state houses, and Congress…this is a political attack.


I spent 19 years in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and rose to the position of Texas Heritage Defense Officer, the 1st Lt. Commander. I was suspended from the Sons of Confederate Veterans when I attempted to lay out a plan to fight the Culture War. Simply put, they (the powers that be and some members of the SCV) do not want to fight the Culture war. They simply say we will lose our not for profit status if we do “political” things. I think they are wrong, but they threw me out….so doesn’t really matter what I say with respect to the SCV.


However, it is clear that the South has been under attack. Monuments are being taken down, roads and schools renamed, Southern articles defamed. And the Courts are not our friends. How much money has been thrown at the Courts …and then we lost.


I am sending this through Chuck Demastus and Southern Heritage News and Views because Chuck is a proven southern patriot, and his blog has the largest email distribution to Southern patriots I am aware of.


I want to be a part of, to help start, a Pro Southern political organization. I want it to accept the Charge given to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which they have abandoned, and ‘VINDICATE the Cause. I want to work for the long term. I want to develop a Pro South Culture and History agenda. I want to develop an organization that is active in the states and territory of the Confederate States of America.


I want this organization to be grounded in the values and principles of the traditional South. Christianity would be its core. Orthodox Christianity that accepts the Word as the Word of God. I want it to be a political organization that embraces the Confederate Constitution …but rejects slavery as a sin against God. Faculty at the University of Texas A & M developed a formula to estimate the number of descendants of the Southern Confederacy. Their formula predicts there are 80 million descendants. That is a huge number. Imagine tapping into that audience?


This organization SHOULD NOT require a genealogical proof, and it should not be predominantly white. It should allow all people who live in Southern states and want to engage in the Culture War to protect Southern history, heritage, and our legacy. This is a group that would be political. It would not be the Southern National Congress. I attended that one year and found it to be a place for people to promote their own view – which might or might not be reflective of the South today.


Further this organization should not be an attack organization against Lincoln, or the North. It should promote the great values, contributions, and glory of God through the South. It should be family friendly. It should understand that economics and commercializing Southern Culture is a means of gaining ground in the Culture War.


I am sure this letter will attract some anger…but will we ever get to a day in the South, and in America, where patriots can agree it has gone to far? Can we ever join together to do what it takes, including letter writing, voting, raising money, and building an organization that will stand for generations. When you look at a population like the homosexuals, who comprise 3% of the population at most, and who have been successful in making their agenda a reality…one has to ask, are they that much smarter then those who stand for the South?


As I said at the beginning of this letter, I do not condemn the heritage organizations for avoiding this. I have spoken to enough to camps across the South, and talked to enough people within the organization to know that those who see the SCV, UDC, OCR as solely history groups control what is happening. If they will not do the hard political work necessary to promote the Southern Cause…I wonder, are there enough people to actually do the work? Or is all talk, and gripes…and that’s it?


God Bless the South,


Mark Vogl