From: Virginia Flaggers
Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2016
Subject: VICTORY in Alexandria! Confederate Monument to STAY PUT

State legislators refuse City Council’s request to seek General Assembly permission to move “Appomattox”.

It appears that Alexandria’s lawmakers have taken the pulse of their constituents and decided that trying to move the monument would not be good for their political careers! They have REFUSED Alexandria City Council’s request to petition the legislature for permission to remove the monument. “Appomattox” will remain right where he should!

“State Sen. Adam Ebbin (D), the senior local legislator, told the council that there was no reason to think the legislature would approve an exemption from a state law that prohibits the relocation of war memorials.

“It wouldn’t help us advance the rest of our priorities, and it’s not a productive use of our time,” Ebbin said.

Del. Charniele Herring (D) agreed, adding that there is no legal basis for requesting an exemption. Del. Mark Levine (D) said that after the council’s vote, he received about a dozen calls opposing the statue’s move and none in favor.Ebbin had earlier signaled the unlikelihood of getting such a bill through the legislature, calling it “a non-starter” unless the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which owns the statue, would publicly back the idea of moving it. Mayor Allison Silberberg (D), who met with the group’s local president, said the organization would not take such a stance.”

God bless the ladies of the Alexandria UDC Chapter who DID NOT BACK DOWN OR COMPROMISE!

After the Alexandria City Council voted to try to move the “Appomattox” statue out of this intersection, someone posted a sign on its base calling council members “cowards.” (Linda Kramer Jenning)
CALL TO ACTION: Call, email, and/or write these legislators and THANK them for their decision!

State Senator Adam Ebbin:
General Assembly Building
Room No: 328
Senate of Virginia
P. O. Box 396
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 698-7530
Fax: (804) 698-7651
Email Address:

Del. Charniele Herring
General Assembly Building
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Office: (804) 698-1046
Email Address:

Del. Mark Levine
General Assembly Building
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Office: (804) 698-1045
Email Address:

The renaming of Jefferson Davis Highway is also not a done deal, by any means. We will have an update and call to action soon…

Good news out of Charlottesville today, too! Look for an update soon…

What a great day in the Commonwealth!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

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