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Preserving the history of the Southern states took a huge step Saturday with the groundbreaking of a new National Confederate Museum to be located at historic Elm Springs in Columbia, Tennessee.


The 17,000 square-foot museum will look modern and contemporary on the outside, but with a subdued architecture utilizing period-appropriate construction techniques to attain a level of authenticity.


The museum is an effort to keep alive the histories of the Southern soldiers who fought in the CWBTS as museums across the country change their collections and interpretations of the cultural history known as the War of Southern Independence, according to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


“Time and time again, we have seen where our monuments and museums throughout the South have been dictated by the state and federal governments on what they can and cannot do. That is coming to an end,” Paul Gramling, Lt. Commander-in-Chief of the SCV, said. “At the completion of this museum, it will be out of the reach of the long arm of political correctness. This will be ours, as SCV members,

[United Daughters of the Confederacy] members, Southerners to tell the truth between 1861-1865.”


The General Executive Council of the SCV began its efforts to establish a museum dedicated to the Confederacy in October of 2008 with the intent of serving two purposes. One was to open new office and administrative space for Elm Springs employees and SCV members. The other purpose is to serve as the museum, which will take up approximately 65 percent of the building, project architect George Nuber said.


About $5 million was raised for the effort.


“I’m very honored to be a part of this, and this is a great privilege to learn about the history of our land. Most importantly, I’m glad that this building will be a tool in which we can house many memories and things that will help us to cherish and honor those who served in this great effort,” Nuber said. “It’s my dream to see enactments on this campus as well, and to see this building be used as a tool that can be part of that process.”


Saturday’s ceremony heard comments from local politicians, leaders and prominent members of the SCV. Sen. Joey Hensley, who is also an SCV member, said this will be a chance to “tell the truth of what happened and about those who fought valiantly.” “It’s an honor to be a part of this ceremony today, to build this museum so that we can remember the heritage of our ancestors that fought so bravely and valiantly for their homelands, for what they believed in,” Hensley said. “History has been skewed and many times in society today many people try to make those soldiers out to be something they are not. Most of the Confederate soldiers never owned slaves and didn’t fight the battle because of slavery. They fought the battle defending their homelands against an invading army.”


Columbia Mayor Dean Dickey said this years-in-the-making project will likely draw people not just from Tennessee, but from around the globe, including historians and those with ancestors tied to the Confederacy. “We’re excited and it’ll probably attract a lot of folks, because they have members from all over the world,” Dickey said. “Today, the fruits and the hard efforts of the work is what we’re involved in.”


SCV Sues University of Mississippi


Earlier this week, a revised plaque was placed in front the Confederate Statue on the Ole Miss campus. This action caused the Mississippi Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) to revive a lawsuit from 2014 that asks for an injunction to be placed on the action taken by the university to put the plaque in front of the statue. The SCV’s petition states that they do not believe the plaque accurately represents the history behind the statue and its significance. The suit, originally filed in 2014, was dismissed at the time. However, a petition for reinstatement was granted on August 1, 2014.


“The SCV requests that this Honorable Court use its broad powers of equity to … grant an injunction against the University of Mississippi, enjoining and preventing the University of Mississippi from disturbing or otherwise altering, desecrating, attacking, removing or placing any kind or plaque or placard which may in any way change, alter or disturb the significance and meaning of the Confederate Monument,” the petition states.


According to mississippitoday.org, the lawsuit points to Miss. Code Ann. § 55-15-81, a state law that declares no “monuments, memorials or nameplates (plaques)” honoring numerous wars, including the “War Between the States,” not be “relocated, removed, disturbed, altered, renamed or rededicated.”


University officials attempted to get the lawsuit dismissed once again, but Judge Robert Whitwell denied the request in May of 2016. The case has now moved to circuit court.


Confederate Emblem to Stay on Mississippi State Flag


An effort to erase the Confederate battle emblem from Mississippi’s flag has failed because sponsors didn’t collect enough signatures to put an initiative on the 2018 ballot.


The petition drive ended last week Friday when sponsors missed a one-year deadline to gather signatures from registered voters.


The initiative’s chief sponsor, Sharon Brown of Jackson, said gathering signatures was a struggle in most places. She told The Associated Press in late September she wouldn’t get enough people to sign petitions.


Another proposed ballot measure, Initiative 58, seeks to protect the Confederate image on Mississippi’s flag by enshrining it in the state constitution.


Currently, the flag could be changed by a simple majority of the Legislature, if the political will arises. Putting it in the constitution would require a statewide vote to change it.


Initiative 58 supporters are also having problems gathering signatures; sponsor Rafael Sanchez of McComb said Thursday that he thinks the effort will fall short. Their deadline is Nov. 5.




Mississippi activist Duvalier Malone is not backing down efforts to change and/or remove the state flag, which bears the Confederate emblem. Last week we reported that Malone and several state and local leaders gathered on the state Capitol steps asking for an apology from Gov. Phil Bryant for, “…all the decisions made at the Capitol that continue to cause racial division and negatively impact the state.”


Malone and supporters did not receive an apology from Bryant. So a public forum has been scheduled for Nov. 3 where Malone and other anti-flag leaders will recruit protesters and solicit new support for a reorganized effort to again attack the Flag, our heritage, and all things Southern in the State of Mississippi.




There are three candidates running for City Council in the city’s 1st District: Andreas D. Addison, a 34-year-old former city employee, Jonathan M. Cruise, a 33-year-old IT worker, and Harry H. Warner Jr., a 55-year-old nonprofit consultant.


Of these three, one, Harry H. Warner Jr., has publicly declared a position on the city government’s recent attacks against Confederate monuments. He says that if elected he will introduce an ordinance: “That no Monument Avenue statue, or any other statue in the City will be destroyed or removed. Instead, we will create new statues to honor Richmonders and Virginians. And provide historical context and interpretation for the existing statues in place.”


Of course, we all know what “historical context” means. But Warner may just be the one candidate who will at least not actively push to remove the monuments from Richmond’s streets. In any event, we are attempting to call this one from a distance. Do you live in or near Richmond? Your local assessment and comments would be appreciated.




In this small South Carolina town near the Georgia line, where some say the Confederacy was born and died, descendants of a man lynched 100 years ago are erecting a downtown memorial to him and other black men.


Abbeville City Council authorized the marker that will be unveiled Saturday, 100 years and one day after Anthony Crawford was dragged out of town with a noose around his neck and hanged from a tree.


Crawford’s marker will sit in front of Abbeville’s Opera House in the town’s brick-lined central square. From there, visitors can find Secession Hill, where locals in November 1860 passed the first resolution calling for South Carolina to leave the Union. A quarter-mile another way is the Burt-Stark Mansion, where Confederate President Jefferson Davis, fleeing Union troops, met for the last time with his war council in May 1865 and declared all was lost.


The location of the “lynching monument” was selected because of its direct approximation to the Confederate monuments.


The placement of the monument is opposed by most in Abbeville. At a recent City Council meeting the record was stated pointing out grammatical and factual errors in the text on the marker and how local historians weren’t consulted on its message. Still, they approved the monument because the leadership and people of Abbeville recognize that the 1st Ammendment goes BOTH ways!


But I am pointing this out for a bigger reason. I am predicting that this is going to be the new strategy of the LEFT in the areas where they can not get a city or a county, etc. to remove a monument – they will simply overpower it with an obnoxious monument of their own to commemorate something that advances their agenda. Its how the LEFT took over newspapers, and later broadcast media, as well as colleges and schools. They call it the “EQUAL TIME” doctrine. In this case, it will be an insistence to have equal monument space. So governments and communities will either have to take down their monuments, or endure new and obnoxious ones. Many no doubt will acquiesce to take their monuments down rather than be forced to give space in their community to a liberal shrine.


Remember back in 1992 when Bill was running for president and his bug-eyed feminazi spouse Hillary was all over TV talking about a “new south”? With the erection (no pun regarding Bill intended) of Abbeville’s “Lynching Monument” welcome to the “New South.” And compliments of Hillary and all of her “social justice warriors” this is only the beginning. More is yet to come!


Hillary’s Human Rights Commission declares that a Public Official or employee should refrain from displaying the Confederate flag in both their public and PRIVATE lives!


It’s been nearly a year since Greenfield, Mass. residents raised filed a complaint against a local police sergeant for hanging a Confederate Flag in his garage.


It all started last November when one of his neighbors noticed a Confederate Flag inside the garage of Greenfield Police Detective Sergeant Daniel McCarthy. The Flag was hanging in the back of the garage and could barely be seen when the door was opened.


The City Government asked The Human Rights Commission to investigate and rule on the matter. In a statement released Tuesday, the Human Rights Commission stated that: “the Confederate flag represents the generally accepted symbol of racial and class oppression in American culture and history.”


The Commission report concluded: “a Public Official or employee should refrain from displaying the flag in both their public and private lives.”


Constitution. What Constitution?


According to The Commission: “If you are a public official you don’t have the same rights to speak as you do if you were a private citizen.”


In compliance with the order Sgt. McCarthy has removed the flag and there does not appear to be any further action against him.


The Commission is making itself available to “settle” all future disputes regarding our flag and heritage.


Again, welcome to Hillary’s America!


Speaking of Hillary’s America


Did you see the movie “Hillary’s America”? It was in theaters briefly back in July before the entire movie industry learned on the theaters to pull it or else they would not be allowed to show the summer blockbusters.


Anyway, the DVD os “Hillary’s America” has just been released on DVD – just in time for the election.


But did you know that before it was a movie, Hillary’s America was a New York Times sest-selling book?


In the book, conservative author Dinesh D’Souza warns that Hillary Clinton won’t be a clone of her “moderate” husband, but will instead take the baton from President Obama to continue radicalizing the country and “undo the nation’s founding ideals.”


The book documents how, as students of radical organizer Saul Alinsky, Obama and Clinton could have enough time to “unmake and then remake America” into a nation the founding fathers wouldn’t recognize.


“They may not be responsible for the suicide of America, but they certainly will have helped to finish off a certain way of life in America, and they will leave us with a country unrecognizable not only to Washington and Jefferson but also to those of us who grew up in the 20th century,” wrote D’Souza.


“If they succeed, there may be no going back. Then it will be their America, not ours, and we will be a people bereft of a country, with no place to go,” he adds on page 87.


Stay abreast of the latest developments from nation’s capital and beyond with curated News Alerts from the Washington Examiner news desk and
D’Souza’s shows how progressive politics are systematically hurting the nation. Progressives aim to remake the nation into one that is less powerful, less wealthy and less influential. If that happens, he warns, “We have committed national suicide.”


He focuses on Obama’s and Clinton’s links to Alinsky in a chapter titled “The Plan.” He claims the two followed the radical’s master plan that they hide their views and ideas until they get into power.


“If you see early pictures and video of Hillary, she looks and sounds like a former hippie. Overtime, however, Hillary started dressing like a respectable middle-class mother and speaking in a clipped, moderate sounding voice. Young Barack Obama, too, looked like a bit of a street thug — in his own words, he could have been Trayvon Martin. Over time, however, Obama started dressing impeccably and even practiced modulating his voice.”


“Hillary and Obama have both learned the Alinsky lesson that your should aggressively pursue power while pretending to be motivated by altruism,” he added.


“More importantly, Hillary and Obama both adopted Alinsky’s strategic counsel to sound mainstream, even when you aren’t,” wrote D’Souza. “These are the ways in which our two Alinskyites make themselves palatable to the American middle class, which to this day has no idea how hostile Hillary and Obama are to middle-class values.


“If Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016, the baton will have passed from one Alinskyite to another. In this case, Alinsky’s influence will have taken on a massive, almost unimaginable, importance. Obama will have had eight years to remake America, and Hillary will have another four or perhaps eight to complete the job,” he wrote.


Now let me warn you, in this book, the author is looking at our country, and particular The South, through the eyes of an immigrant from India. In some ways he is very observant, for example, seeing that the North waged a merciless war of aggression against the South. Seeing reconstruction for what it truly was, the wholesale destruction of Southern culture by the triumphant North. Yet in other places in the book he makes very harsh statements about Southern “racists” and is particularly hard when writing about Southern Democrats.


In other words, this is not a book that we fully endorse. There is much in the book with which we disagree. Still, I know that many of our readers have expressed interest in the book and the film. And with an election coming up we want to put this book in your hands allowing you to read it and make up your own mind. If nothing else, reading this book will help you better understand how both the Democrat and GOP leadership view the South and Southerners. Even when you are disagreeing with the author, his observations will put the culture war into perspective for you, helping you to get into the heads of those who oppose our heritage.


Below is an article that was submitted this week by our friend, Al Benson, Jr. I took the liberty of condensing his article.


by Al Benson Jr.


Us folks who are Hillary’s “deplorables” and “irredeemables” have also now been labeled as “fundamentally UnAmerican” which should show us what this “gracious” woman really thinks of the vast majority of us in this country. As a long-tenured Establishment Elitist, she considers us the dirt under her feet, the off-scourings of the universe.


How anyone could even remotely consider this woman to be “for” any group that is not associated with the Far Left simply beggars the imagination. Anyone who considers her to be anyplace other than in George Soros’ back pocket is simply not paying attention or does not live in the real world.


At any rate, “Mother Hillary” has just taken yet another swipe at her disobedient children according to another WikiLeaks revelation. In an article on eheadlines.com written by Kristie McDonald, we are told: “In another WikiLeaks reveal, Hillary Clinton told Goldman Sachs in her October 2013 speech to executives that Americans who want to limit immigration are ‘fundamentally un-American’.” Specifically she said “I don’t care where they’re from. They have to be rejected because they are fundamentally un-American.”


So, if you don’t care to have a ton of new Muslim immigrants from the Middle East overwhelm your neighborhood, with possibly some of them raping your daughters, because that’s what they do where they came from, why you are simply “un-American.” You just don’t appreciate the “diversity” of cultures across the world when you should really be overjoyed to have these people living among you in growing numbers. The raping of your daughters is a small price you should be glad to pay for the privilege of being able to partake of Hillary’s (and George Soros’) plan for “diversity and multi-culturalism.” I mean, how ungrateful can you be for not wanting this???


Hillary said in that speech,: “What I really resent about the obstructionists is they have such a narrow view of America. They see America in a way that is no longer reflective of the reality of who we are.”


All I can say is-if we ever become what Hillary envisions for us-then only God can help us, for no one else will be able to.


Hillary noted in her Goldman Sachs speech that being “American is not a national identity, but rather an intellectual invention.”


And Paul Ryan is living proof that socialists in both major parties can eagerly work together to fulfill Obama’s vision to “fundamentally transform the United States” into a Third World socialist utopia along the lines of what we now see in Zimbabwe. That’s their plan for us in this country. Doesn’t it just make you drool in anticipation?


The Congressmen who voted to make Ryan the House Speaker because they naively thought he was “conservative” hardly deserve our vote of confidence, at the polls or anywhere else. What they do deserve is questions from a ticked off electorate asking these Congressmen “Why in h- did you do that? Whose side are you on anyway?” But then, if they honestly answered that question, I’m not sure many of us would like the answer.


Have you ever wondered how many Republican congressmen think the same of us as Hillary does? The truth would hardly give you the warm fuzzies! In all honesty, we have a government that is utterly corrupt to the core-in both parties, at all levels. We have “conservative” congress critters that, at heart, are really Hillaryites-and they display that more and more daily. The voters really need to start looking at these people and what they do. If you do, I guarantee that, unless you are some sort of socialist, you won’t like it.


If the Establishment manages to steal this election from Trump, even if he wins it, then in all honesty, I have to ask-do you now begin to understand why the Confederate States seceded in 1860-61? Back then it was just the Southern folks that were the “deplorables” along with some of the Copperheads that realized what the game was. Now it’s everyone that isn’t a raving Leftist! That fact may give you some small idea of how “reconstruction” in this country after the War of Northern Aggression really worked-and is still working.




Islam will likely not need to conquer America by war, but through judicial orders. To that point, an elderly Christian woman landlord is being forced to learn about Islam as a part of her probation. “You have to respect people of the Muslim faith” Judge Paul Yee said as he ordered the lady to attend “an introductory class on Islam, and to provide her probation officer with written documentation that she had done so as well as providing all future tenants with a written notice.”




Sponsored by Focus on the Family, with legal backup provided by Alliance Defending Freedom, the campaign encourages children and teenagers to bring their Bibles to school and share God’s word with others. Meanwhile, a public school in Portland, Oregon, a grade school for children five to 10 years old, has approved an After School Satan Club. School officials said they had to do it because the school already has a Bible club so there has to be a Satan club, too, blah-blah. I wonder if Portland will have a “Bring Your Pitchfork to School Day.” By the way, There was no outcry from local churches, they remained silent.




Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) introduced the Religious Persecution Relief Act, legislation that would grant religious minorities fleeing persecution at the hands of ISIS and other groups in Syria priority status so they can apply directly to the U.S. resettlement program. Is this an overstatement to suggest that the United States “bars” Christian refugees from Syria? Sure, in that we do not and could not legally ban Christian refugees any more than we could or should bar Muslim refugees. But when you have been running a refugee program for years, and you have accepted 10,612 Sunni refugees and 56 Christians, and it is obvious why and how to fix it, yet nothing is done and the results speak loudly that in effect, the U.S. makes it almost impossible for Christian refugees to get here. (Newsweek)




John Wayne Dobson in Macon, Georgia shares the following:


Recently we have seen the Democratic Party mount their high horse of integrity and brow beat Trump with it. The Republican nominee may have given them plenty to use against him. I don’t know and I do not care. Democrats may ride that high horse of ethics long and often enough to ride it to death. This is the same tactic used several years ago on Herman Cain. Unfortunately, he quit rather than endure their absurdity and we will see how much of their self-righteous nonsense Trump can take.


A good memory reminds us that the Democratic Party is the same body that championed the faithless, Bill Clinton.Now, they want us to vote for his wife who stood by placidly during such disgrace.Do they think two terms of Slick Willie and two of Obama sufficiently lobotomized us to forget those shameful days of National history?Who are they to lecture anyone morality – who are they?


Rusty Harris sends the following:


As an ex-patriot Kentuckian now a citizen of the future Republic of Texas after the TEXIT I totally agree with KY candidate Dan Johnson, he is the kind of Kentuckian that I remember but due to the great northern invasion of the 1950’s-1970’s the entire state began to to duck, run, and cover its Southern and American heritage much in the way Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida are doing today.


The post-War Between the States European immigration was designed by the “one world” crowd to forever change America and the continued punishing of Dixie ALL OF DIXIE not just the seceded states is the object and we are ground zero in the fight by the leftist elitists and republican establishment to bring on the “new world order” bashing a man like Johnson only shows the vile and guile of the left and the “useful idiots” as Lenin called them. How quickly we forget the Cuban prisons and executions, the Soviet gulags and forced labor camps as well as Mao’s mass executions, and the Communist “killing fields” of southeast Asia and lest we forget the mass brutal executions of ISIS are we to face the same dare we let these folks take over here we cannot stand by and allow these “johnny come lately” Euro peasant collectivists who came to America after we fought died and bled to dictate their warped “one world” view.


The Constitutional American Republic was an anathema and remains so to the Euro-elites and their peasant collectivist minions agitated by the shrill knee-jerk leftist media and academia aided by their lawyers now so-called “conservatives” run and duck for cover like the cowards they are thank God for a brave Kentuckian like Dan Johnson.


By the way I can write these words you read as I am an educated Kentuckian one proud unabashed Southerner who served this nation as a U.S. Army Special Forces operative (“Green Beret”) for nearly thirty years with three combat tours on two different continents all I want to know is where was lines outside of military recruiting offices after 911 as after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941? They were non-existent in fact, you could hear the crickets chirping in recruiting offices, why because the leftist elitists and republicant establishment “one worlders” (Dr. Spock babies no doubt) and their “useful idiots” saw no reason to go to war even though the attack cost more lives than did the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Furthermore, many if not most Americans that served in the follow-on lackluster Global War on Terror came from DIXIE and I was one of those, moreover, I came out of retirement to return to the field, but once combat operations commenced anti-war protests broke out even though the smoke from New York still hovered.


The central question here is; where did the protests commence? well that is easy New York, Boston, Chicago, and of course on the LEFT COAST when New York was burning they cried, moaned, wrung their hands, and cried for help as Southern States generously sent aid in a variety of forms along with personnel OH YOU Hypocritical New York whining self-serving leftists!!! Let our people go and wither in your own self-serving cultural socialist one world inspired misery, mind your own business leave Dixie: yes we cling to our Bibles and guns come and get them! The late historian in one of his last books about the War Between the States; Dee Alexander Brown wrote about that most Americans in the north and west coast talk a great deal about the war and blame the South for the tragedy but have no ancestral link in any form to the war. What does that infer; they were the hundreds of thousands of illiterate Euro-peasants that came here after the nation was established from coast to coast and life was considerably less threatening in fact most gravitated to urban areas where the corrupt politicians have controlled them ever since and now they have infested our original multi-cultural Southern Society with their ever corruptive socialistic slacker societal ideas dependent upon the elitists for their daily bread just as in the “old countries” the garbage by the leftist democraps and chicken scraping republicants heaped upon Dan Johnson is proof of those points upon which this writer opines. US Army Retired SCV Member




Roswell, Georgia, became the site of a little-known mass deportation of innocent victims of the war between North and South. In the midst of General Sherman’s march to Atlanta, Union Brigadier General Kenner Garrard came to the small town of Roswell, where the local cotton and woolen mills employed 400+ female workers producing “Roswell gray” uniform cloth for the Confederacy.


Noting Garrard’s approach, the cotton mill’s owner hoisted a French flag, hoping to avoid his mill being destroyed. The subterfuge backfired.


Garrard ordered both mills burned. On Sherman’s direct orders, he took a further step-all the woman workers, black and white, and their children, approximately 700 people in all, were taken under guard to the railyard in Marietta, 10 miles away, where they were herded into boxcars and shipped to Indiana with nothing more than their clothes and 9 days of rations. Sherman ordered a second similar deportation of female textile workers in New Manchester. The women and children were simply dumped in a new city and left to fend for themselves.


Most disappeared from history. A few managed to return home after the war.


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