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Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2016
Subject: GO DAWGS! – Donald Trump and Black Confederate Lives Matter


A few months ago, the Virginia Flaggers raised money to purchase (2) massive 20? x 30? Mississippi State Flags, and sent them to Oxford in preparation for a roadside battle flag project there. It appears that one of the flags somehow made its way to the student section, and was unfurled as a show of support for the great state of Mississippi, and as a protest to Chancellor Vitter’s decision to cave to the PC demands of leftists and remove the state flag from campus.


The results were phenomenal. The crowd cheered and shouted in appreciation and awe as the massive flag waved and was seen by thousands!


There are reports that the flag was confiscated by the police shortly thereafter, who also carried out orders to harass students wearing a state flag sticker, carrying a sign, or carrying a state flag (without stick!)…


BREAKING: “Police Confiscate Flags, ‘Dixie’ signs at game. Threaten Arrest.” University of Mississippi – 9/17/2016


“Students attending the Ole Miss v. Alabama football game this Saturday at the University of Mississippi reported police confiscating Mississippi State flags and ‘Let the Band Play Dixie’ posters within Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium. University Police Officers were quoted by students as saying they were, ‘ordered to take all state flags and

[‘Let the Band Play Dixie’] posters,’ that their orders came, ‘from the top,’ and that they would use their, ‘right to arrest,’ those who did not comply. United States flags and non-Mississippi State flag or Dixie related posters were not confiscated.


Our friends at the “Our State Flag Foundation” report that while they have no clue who organized the giant flag unveiling, it has led to a HUGE spike in on-campus membership, which has been steadily growing in the weeks since they were admitted as an official student group and were allowed to set up a table at the Student Union.


In addition, students are starting to speak out, with TWO excellent letters published recently in the DAILY MISSISSIPPI:


“Today at the game, my younger brother had a (Mississippi State) flag in his pocket walking in. A woman saw it, asked him if it was an American flag, then made him unravel it and took it when she saw it was a state flag. That’s absolutely ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as the fact that we have to smuggle the state flag into home games. Welcome to the dream school of Jeff Vitter , the University of Nowhere.” ~ Jack Vincent




Students at Boston area High School have gotten a “talking to” from administrators after video showed them waving a Confederate flag out of a car near the school this week.


The students have not been identified, but Principal Henry Turner says in a letter to the school community yesterday that “we are taking appropriate action.”


In the five-second video clip, which traveled quickly on social media, a car drives past the school with the flag unfurled out the car’s passenger side window.


“Please know that we take this incident very seriously,” Turner writes. “There are members of the North community who are deeply upset and hurt by the actions of these individuals….we strive to celebrate our diversity and create safe and supportive learning environments for all. Therefore I look forward to working with our students and staff in working to repair and move forward from this incident.”


Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey also made news in the same Boston paper by disinviting Duke’s of Hazard actor and fellow former Congressman Ben Jones from a campaign fundraiser. The snub came from Markey because Jones (a Dixie Heritage subscriber) is a Confederate flag booster.


Just yesterday, a Florida high school confiscated a Confederate flag from a student who had brought it to a patriotic spirit day.


And earlier this week a student at Utah’s Brigham Young University removed a Confederate flag from his dorm room window after hundreds signed a petition urging him to do so.


New Orleans tells court it can remove Confederate statues


New Orleans has the right to remove Confederate monuments that are the center of a heated debate, the city’s attorneys told an appeals court Wednesday, but opponents who want a delay said removing them could cause irreparable harm.


Those pushing to keep the monuments got a skeptical reception from the judges, who raised harsh questions about their chances of prevailing.


A three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on whether the city can remove the four monuments.


“This case is a simple case of whether the city has the power to remove its property,” a lawyer for New Orleans, Adam Swensek, told the judges. “If the City Council can put it up, we can take it down.”


Mr. Swensek also threatened the court by “warning” that the statues will be vandalized if they’re allowed to stay standing.


The City Council voted in December 2015 to remove statues of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard, Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis and a monument honoring veterans.


In court Wednesday, a lawyer for the four historical organizations called for the monuments to stay put and urged the court to keep them in place to give a lower court time to review the case in-depth. The groups have argued that moving the monuments could damage them. “All evidence supports that risk of irreparable harm to these monuments is substantial,” Franklin Jones argued. He said there’s “… no harm whatsoever to the city to let them rest in peace for another year.”


Among the plaintiffs’ arguments: Their constitutional rights were violated by the process for removal; the monuments were protected by historic preservation laws; and by maintaining the monuments over the years they’ve gained recognizable property interest in them and that removing the monuments could irreparably harm them. They’re asking the appeals court to grant an injunction that would remain in effect throughout the litigation, meaning the city couldn’t remove the monuments for months or years.


The court made no decision Wednesday and didn’t indicate when it would rule. But Jones repeatedly came under sharp questioning by the judges about his chance of succeeding on the merits of his case, should the issue go back to a lower court for a fuller hearing. They hammered away at whether his group could be considered to have recognizable property interest in the monuments.


National Cathedral removes confederate symbols from stained glass


As we’ve reported in the past the National Cathedral has been moving towards removal of Confederate symbols in their stained glass windows. According to RNS, it appears that the panes showing the Confederate battle flag have now been “quietly removed.”


Rather than removing the windows, the two small panes of much larger windows bearing the image of the flag were simply replaced with red and blue panes to match surrounding glass, said Kevin Eckstrom, chief communications officer for the cathedral. Adjoining panes honoring Confederate generals remain in place but “their long-term future is really very much up in the air,” he said.


Eckstrom acknowledged that Cathedral officials chose not to make a public announcement after the replacement (which appeared to the casual observer to be nothing more than routine cleaning and maintenance) occurred.




There’s a story circulating about a few Walmart workers who are reportedly in deep doo-doo after taking a stand against what they felt was a racist cake request.


The Walmart location in McDonough, Georgia (about 30 miles southeast of Atlanta), is now under fire after it’s employees allegedly refused to make a “Blue Lives Matter” cake last Friday for an officer’s retirement party.


After digging deeper, it was suggested that the request was denied not for the cake’s content but as an insult to the customer who was ordering it. You see, the same customer had previously attempted to order a Confederate Flag cake.


The story was picked up by FoxNews correspondent Todd Starns, who says that he interviewed the unidentified woman involved in the incident and her unnamed father, who is a retiring police officer. Here is his report:


The police officer’s daughter went to the Walmart on Willow Drive on Sept. 22 to order a flag for her father’s retirement party. He was leaving the force after 25-years on the job.


She showed the bakers a photograph of the police officer’s flag – the black and white version of Old Glory with a blue line.


“One of the bakers told me the design could be perceived as racist and nobody feels comfortable decorating the cake,” the police officer’s daughter told me.


I can’t say I blame the Walmart workers for taking a stand. Sure ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ that’s a given. But we’re focused on the senseless killings of Black one’s right now.




In testimony of this we provide the following assembly of the Losses Among Blacks in the Confederate Army at Gettysburg


The following list includes men who served with the Confederate Army during the Gettysburg campaign. A few were slaves, the rest were free.


The Yankees would have us to believe that neither their participation, nor their losses, ever happened.


William C. Revels (variant spelling Revills), a fifer with Company H, 21st North Carolina, was about 25 years old in 1863. He was wounded in the right thigh, according to an entry in the Roster of North Carolina Troops. Post-war, Revels received a pension from the state of North Carolina. He was buried at Lovell’s Chapel Methodist Church in Pilot Mountain, NC. Since free blacks often served as musicians, Revels was likely free-born. Service records also show a John Revills, probably a brother, who briefly served as a drummer in the same company.


One death is recorded during the retreat, that of “George,” servant of First Sergeant C. C. Cummings of the 17th Mississippi. Cummings wrote in Confederate Veteran magazine that George chose to follow him from First Manassas to Ball’s Bluff, to the Peninsula, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, where he lost his life. Cummings was wounded on the second day in the Peach Orchard, and was taken back in a wagon on July 4. At night, Cummings had to dismount, but George said the Yankees were separating the “black folks from (their) masters,” and preferred to join the regiment in retreat and meet up again with Cummings on the other side of the Potomac. Cummings said that he insisted George accept his freedom and join a settlement of free men in the vicinity of Gettysburg, which they had passed in going up to the battle, but George refused. He made it through the lines safely and was marching in the rear of the retreating command, when he was “met by a Northern lady, who had a son in our command, whom George, by chance, happened to know. He was telling her of her son, who was safe as a prisoner, when some men in blue came up. George ran and they shot and killed him. He was dressed in gray and they took him for a combatant. The lady had him buried. … She told my messmate of this and told it to the boys in camp.”


Another death was narrowly averted. Henry Smith, 12th Virginia, drove a captured wagon during the retreat, filled with officers’ portable baggage. While recrossing the Potomac, the wagon was swept away down the river, but Henry managed to escape in time.


The remainder were captured or missing and presumed captured:


Daniel Burton, 56th Virginia, was captured and ended up at Fort Delaware.


James, servant to Col. Carter, 13th Mississippi. Carter was killed and his body left within the Federal lines. James had the body embalmed by Federal physicians, and started on his long journey to Mississippi with the remains, which were delivered to Carter’s wife.


Simon, servant and nurse to William M. Abernathy, 17th Mississippi. Abernathy was wounded and captured, with Simon tending him at a hospital in Philadelphia.


George Washington, a cook for the 9th Lousiana. Washington was captured with the wagon trains, but escaped and swam the river at Fredericksburg to reach Confederate lines.


Richmond, body servant to Sgt. Major Wesley Watson, 6th Alabama, was captured in the wagon train at South Mountain (Monterrey Springs) on the night of July 4/5.


Willis Waddell, 12th Virginia. Willis went missing on July 4.


Frank Lewis, 16th Mississippi, missing.


Ebb Lewis, 16th Mississippi, missing.


Richard Poplar, cook for 13th Virginia Cavalry. Poplar was captured on the retreat and confined at Fort Delaware for five months, then Point Lookout for 14 months, refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance.


Unidentified, manservant to Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Carter, 4th Texas. He tended to the mortally wounded Carter at a hospital in Chambersburg until Carter’s death on July 21.


Unidentified, forager and cook for the 37th Virginia. Presumed captured.


Unidentified, slave of Maj. James C. Bryan, Quartermaster of Col. Lang’s Florida brigade. Captured with the trains at South Mountain, along with seven black teamsters from the brigade.


Unidentified, five cooks of the Fluvanna Artillery, captured at South Mountain.


Unidentified, servant of Capt. James P. Cox, 40th Virginia, presumed captured.


Black Confederates, why haven’t we heard more about them? National Park Service historian, Ed Bearrs, stated, “I don’t want to call it a conspiracy to ignore the role of Blacks both above and below the Mason-Dixon line, but it was definitely a tendency that began around 1910.” Historian, Erwin L. Jordan, Jr., calls it a “cover-up” which started back in 1865. He writes, “During my research, I came across instances where Black men stated they were soldiers, but you can plainly see where ‘soldier’ is crossed out and ‘body servant’ inserted, or ‘teamster’ on pension applications.”


It has been estimated that over 65,000 Southern blacks were in the Confederate ranks. Over 13,000 of these, “saw the elephant” also known as meeting the enemy in combat. These Black Confederates included both slave and free. Many Confederate officers frequently enlisted blacks with the simple criteria, “Will you fight?” Historian Ervin Jordan, explains that “biracial units” were frequently organized “by local Confederate and State militia Commanders in response to immediate threats in the form of Union raids”. Dr. Leonard Haynes, an African-American professor at Southern University, stated, “When you eliminate the black Confederate soldier, you’ve eliminated the history of the South.”


To launch a new movement – BLACK CONFEDERATE LIVES MATTER – we are offering a set of two DVDs that we will mail POSTAGE PAID to anyone who donates just $10 or more to Dixie Heritage.


Order Black Confederates DVD set: undefined


Confederate Siamese Twins Drafted


Chang and Eng, the 19th century’s conjoined “Siamese” twins, were once drafted.


Following the brothers’ retirement from show business in 1839, they bought 700 acres of land near White Plains, North Carolina, married sisters, adopted an American surname, fathered children, and owned slaves.


According to local legend, toward the end of the war, in 1865, Union General George Stoneman came to the neighborhood to draft area men into the US Army whether they liked it or not. All the names of male residents over 18 were put into a lottery. Eng’s name came up, but not Chang’s. Of course, as soon as he realized “Eng Bunker” was one-half of the famous inseparable duo, Stoneman let him go.


By the way, each brother had a son who joined the Confederate cause, and both ultimately survived the war.


I am going to dedicate this section of this week’s Letter to national politics. I want to start with an eMail I sent to one of our subscribers this week. To lay the groundwork let me say that the following was sent to one of our subscribers who I know is both a godly man and a patriot! He sent out an eMail lamenting the fact that Ted Cruz endured Trump and calling for support of the Constitution Party ticket.


I wrote him back and told him that In the past election cycles I voted for Constitution Party candidates: 2008 – Baldwin, 2004 – Peroutka (who I also traveled with on his campaign trail and also travelled nationally on behalf of as a surrogate), and Howard Philipps in 2000. But I just couldn’t get excited about the CP ticket this cycle. He sent me a brief reply repeating something he had spoken to me verbally when we met at an event up North back in August. I respected his thoughts then and still do – I just do not agree and tat is why I gave the reply that you will read below:


I agree, Ted talked a good talk. But if Ted were even partially honest and had any actual fidelity to the Constitution he professed he would have deferred his ambition to the Founders and to the law and he would have never even entertained running. At the very least he would have began the process to amend the constitution and possibly, accomplishing that may then have run. But to do as he did showed a complete and utter disregard for the Constitution that he claimed was his rock and foundation.


As you say, that does not matter to Republicans, hence McCain in 2008 and their refusal to challenge Obama’s eligibility in both ’08 and again in ’12, etc. Obviously, it does not matter to Dem’s either.


Ted is a member of a charismatic church but claims to be a Southern Baptist. His resume shows him as having graduated from the 2nd Baptist School in Houston. True, but he attended a school in Houston called Faith West Academy through his Jr. year only switching in his Sr. year because 2nd was accredited and Faith West was not. I pastored near Houston for over a decade and know both schools and churches well.


Also, Ted’s Dad is a flaming charismatic, but on the campaign trail they both proclaimed him to be an independent Baptist. I know you are A/G but even still I doubt you would associate with the Hagins and Copelans that Cruz Sr is running with. Even if you do understand that as much as I disagree with the crowd they run in I could vote for a native born citizen charismatic. I would not discount him on that account. But one that is not a natural born citizen and who LIES about who he is and what he is really bothers me. If Ted wants to be a Charismatic he should just be one. If Mitt could be an open Mormon why can’t the Cruz dad and son be open charismatics? Instead they called themselves Baptist (making sure to have one independent and one Southern to cover the whole spectrum of white Baptists) but they put pentecostal flames on their logo and ads, etc. as a secret code I guess to the charsimatics – the result was that BOTH ends of the christian spectrum saw through it and he came off as disengenuis (which he is) and that is why Christians in droves supported Trump.


Is Donald, as you say, “a foul-mouthed former casino owner”? Yes, but he doesn’t hold himself out to be something he is NOT. And while Ted was saying he was the “religious liberty” candidate, Trump was writing books back in 2012 on religious liberty and decrying the Obama administration’s horible record and detailing how the State Department and US foriegn and emigration policy could and should be forwarding religious liberty rather than advancing its demise both at home and abroad. Trump was writing about abolishing 501c3 gag rules back in his 2011 book Time to Get Tough. So Trump was appealing to “evangelicals” long before either he or Cruz announced their candidacy.


You had said that sadly, Mormons are often more faithful to biblical principal than professing Christians. That may indeed be a sad truth in some instances. But thats also kinda how I feel about Donald Trump.


Trump, as we know, was taken to church and Sunday School by his mother and much of that made a lasting impression. For example, in one of his early books on business Trump makes the statement that when entering a potential business or enterprise or investment or construction, etc. he does not ask how much money it will make. He only asks how many people it will serve and how. He knows if he serves enough people the money will follow – gee, I wonder who preached that 2,000 years ago? Oh yeah, Jesus. So maybe even though Trump thought that he was goofing off in Sunday School he was actually paying attention on some subconscience level that later has effected the way he does business – huh. And those biblical principals of money and business that Donald probably didn’t even realized he was learning as a kid in that Sunday School, have worked phenominally well for him. But they should because God’s word works for anyone who applies it, saved or lost. I’d rather have a foul-mouthed man conducting himself with biblical principals that he does not even recognize than to have a professing Christian who preaches biblical principals that he does not practice.


Besides, remember what happened the last several times we elected “Christian” presidents. Born Again Bush? I sing in the Choir at a Baptist Church Clinton? Southern Baptist Sunday School teacher Jimmy Carter? The last decent president we have had was chain smoking, divorced and remarried, Hollywood actor named Ronald Reagan. Who by the way was more used of God and a greater friend to God’s people than any of our “Christian presidents” have been.


Is Trump foul mouthed? So was the Apostle Peter. I’m not excusing either. Just saying that God does not always use the vessels that we think He should.


Is Trump a playboy? Maybe he was however many years ago. But at least the man always wound up married and monogomous. Again, I think it was his Presbyterian mother’s upbringing. What does the Bible say about training up a child because when they are old they will not depart from it? We are watching Trump returning to a godly upbringing. He may not even see it or realize it.


Is Trump a con-man? It would seem that the media is more than able to spin a few of his thousands of business deals to give that appearance. And no doubt, there are some of his deals where the integrity was not all it could have been. I am not making excuses for him here. Integrity matters. Where it was lacking there is no excuse. That said, an election is a choice. In the primaries we weighed the 17 choices and decided that Trump, regardless of whatever integrity he lacks, had more of it than the other 16. I’ll take it a step further, he had more of it than about 13 of them combined. In the general, we have 6 choices. And as I said, who has more integrity than Donald Trump?


Is it the Constitution Party’s ambulance chaser candidate and his Mormon side-kick (I mean “running mate”)?


Or is it Rocky, the wanna-be Mob-boss who when he couldn’t get elected as a Democrat sought the Reform Party nomination on an “anti-corruption” platform?


Maybe its the Libertarian ticket? You know, “I smoke dope every day Johnson” and his running mate whose only bragging point was advancing gay “marriage” in Massachusettes – two jokers who are far more LIBERAL than they are libertarian. Ron Paul was a libertarian – the current “libertarian” ticket is possibly more liberal than Hillary.


Oh yeah, and then there is “I once taught Sunday School in the Methodist Church because I was too big a feminist to go to the Baptist church with my husband” Hillary. Do we really want another “Christian President” named Clinton? Hillary for President? Hell NO! Prison maybe! But not the presidency.


And lets not forget the Green Party candidate.


Again, I’ll take my chances with Donald Trump.


Presidential Debates Work Better if the Moderator Doesn’t Help the Democrat
by Al Benson Jr.


Presidential debates are hardly my favorite source of entertainment or of information for that matter. Elections are often fraudulent and rigged and so are presidential debates. They are part of what has been dubbed “political theater” by Lew Rockwell. In fact he has a section on his web site called “political theater.”


On our way into church last Sunday morning one of our church members asked me something to the effect of “Do you plan to watch the political mockery tomorrow night?” I can’t disagree with his assessment. I’ve watched enough political debates over the years to know that they are hardly instruments of revealed truth.


If you have two candidates, one of which is supposed to be conservative and patriotic while the other one is a screaming cultural Marxist, you have to know going in, that the moderator and the cultural Marxist are going to work together and gang up on the conservative. It’s standard operating procedure. They did it to Mitt Romney when he debated Comrade Obama before the 2012 election charade, not that Romney was any kind of real conservative, but, bad as he was, he made chopped liver out of Obama in their first debate. Obama didn’t have his teleprompter and without that he was dead in the water. He had four or five stock lines and all he could do throughout the debate (not possessing an original thought of his own) was to find different ways of restating those stock lines. In their second debate you can be sure the teleprompter was there and the moderator helped Obama carry the debate load with his commentary. By this time Romney knew the game and just played along–the loyal “opposition” as it were.


I hadn’t planned on watching this current charade but a friend living in the town I live in invited me over to his house to watch it. When he had lived in the North he had belonged to the Tea Party and so I figured he’s pretty much be on the same page as I was, and he is.


And the debate between Trump and “Hillary the unindicted” was a carbon copy of most of the ones I have watched previously. The moderator, Lester Holt bent over backwards to give Hillary as much help as he could possibly give without totally giving himself away and he badgered Trump as much as he could get by with and gave Hillary as much extra time to present her points as he could while restricting Trump to his allotted time. Mr. Holt was in Hillary’s corner and that was plain to see. Objective he was not and even his pretense of it was shallow.


Noted libertarian author Tom DiLorenzo had it figured out also and he noted in brief commentary on that Hillary’s running mate had said that: “He hopes the moderator, Lester Holt, will expose Trump’s ‘lies’ while at the same time giving Hitlery time to express her ‘vision’ for America.”


He further said: “This is a warning to Lester Holt from the Clinton Crime Family: Don’t do what Matt Lauer did and ask questions and then let the candidate respond to the questions. Badger him, challenge everything he says, insinuate that he is a liar or a buffoon (or better yet, both), interrupt him, while allowing Queen Hitlery to be her good old visionary self. Or else, Lester.” I would say Lester responded to the prompting quite well. He was going to make sure he didn’t end up being chopped liver.


And so “Queen Hitlery” made her points for her vision for America (no guns for Americans but lots of aliens (preferably illegal) for Americans, although she didn’t quite say it that way. If you have learned to understand Marxist doublespeak you know what she was talking about. It was almost as if Mr. Trump had been cautioned not to fight back, a persona that is at odds with where he usually is. I hope this was just a learning experience for him and not something worse, because if it ends up being something worse then you can kiss the country goodbye, and your God-given liberties will be chopped liver.


Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed