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Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016
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Subject: Old Miss CSA Flag Ban


Forwarded by James King–SCV Camp 141 Commander Albany GA.
Billy Price is an Alabama SCV compatriot.
Billy Price <>
James King


To the Editor:


I did not see one word in your newspaper about the Ole Miss students who were threatened with arrest by police if they refused to turn their state flags & placards that read, “ Let the Band Play Dixie.” This story has made national news but the local paper refused to cover it, talk about censorship.


Unlike the faculty at Ole Miss the students still have pride in the traditions of their college & state. Furthermore, whose authority gives the school administrators the right to over-ride Mississippi state law & ban the legal state flag from campus or football games? State politicians should with hold funding until the state flag is welcome again at Ole Miss.


This whole fiasco was started by a politically correct faculty in the 1980`s by trying to stop the band from playing Dixie, what other song would Rebels use but Dixie? Confederate flags were banned under the pretense that they were on sticks that “ might “ be used as weapons. If so, why are flags without sticks now banned as well?


This whole politically correct mess is nothing more than the faculty`s desire to sanitize Ole Miss of its Southern traditions. The students are right & have been since the onset of this self inflicted controversy. The faculty has made Ole Miss a laughing stock in the S.E.C. and the rest of the Southern states.


Some now call your school the Ole Miss Misfits, others say the faculty should finish off all their traditions by doing away with the name Rebels & replacing it with Black Bears as there is no longer anything Southern about the college except the students who attend it.


As a Southerner & Alabama fan I have always enjoyed the traditions of Ole Miss. It was one of the few remaining schools we could point to as still being strictly Southern. Thanks to your homegrown Yankee faculty we can no longer say that. The students are right about the traditions of Ole Miss & if anything should be censored, banned or removed it’s the politically correct faculty that is destroying this school`s Southern-ness.
Billy E. Price