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Date: Fri, Aug 26, 2016
Subject: Millions are NOT offended by the Confederate Flag




A Brunswick Police report describes the theft of 70 flags from the graves of Confederate veterans at Oak Grove Cemetery as theft of property.


The report of the missing flags was made August 18 by Hal Crowe, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Thomas Marsh Forman Camp #485.


The Confederate battle flag “is represented on the flags and may be the reason they were stolen and removed,” the police report says.


The flags taken were small, printed replicas of the third official flag of the Confederate State of America. A single vertical red bar takes up about a third of the flag and the rest is a white field with a battle emblem in the corner. At a cost of $2 each, the total loss was about $140, the report says.


Asked what they would do next, the Foreman Camp said, “We’ll probably be redoing this and see what happens.”




Congress finally decided not to ban our Flag in national cemeteries. So the Department of Veterans Affairs has decided on its own to ban the display of the Confederate Flag in cemeteries overseen by the agency.


In a letter to Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) this month, the VA said it will no longer allow the Confederate flag to fly on any flagpole in national cemeteries. However, groups will still be permitted to adorn individual graves with small Confederate flags on two days of the year: Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day.


The VA said that after a yearlong review of its policies surrounding the flag’s display in its cemeteries, it would change them in accordance with an amendment authored by Huffman that the House abandoned earlier this summer.


Huffman offered a similar amendment to an Interior Department spending bill that passed quietly by voice vote during late-night floor debate. But some GOP lawmakers, primarily from Southern states, learned about Huffman’s amendment the next day after it had already passed and demanded it be stripped from the legislation.


Rather than stage a politically damaging vote showing their members in support of the Confederate flag, House GOP leaders opted to cancel consideration of the entire underlying spending bill.


Huffman then offered his amendment on the first spending bill to come up for a vote in the House this year. Speaker Ryan (R-Wis.) allowed a vote on Huffman’s measure to go forward while the VA spending bill was being considered under a process allowing unlimited amendments.


While Huffman’s amendment to a VA spending bill passed on a bipartisan vote, a majority of House Republicans voted against the measure. A total of 84 Republicans voted with all but one Democrat in favor of Huffman’s proposal, while 158 opposed it. The provision was ultimately left out of the final bicameral compromise VA appropriations legislation that was approved by the Senate.


Its exclusion from the final bill led Huffman and other House Democrats to urge the VA to change the policy regarding Confederate flag displays on its own in the absence of an actual policy enacted by Congress.


So even though this battle was finally won in Congress it was ultimately lost to the bureaucracy.




A Californian artist is suing the State, claiming that its ban on government agencies selling or displaying items showing the Confederate flag is unconstitutional. Timothy Desmond was not able to show his War painting, which depicts a scene from the 1864 siege of Atlanta and includes several people carrying flags, at the Fresno County Fair last October.


Governor Jerry Brown made it illegal to sell or display merchandise emblazoned with the Confederate flag in California in September 2014. The ban does not apply to images of the flag found in books, digital media or state museums if displayed for educational or historical purposes.


In his complaint filed on 15 August, Desmond says: “In many applications, Section 8195 prohibits or censors, or threatens to prohibit or censor, the constitutionally protected speech of private individuals.”


The artist, who describes himself as a “Civil War buff”, submitted his painting last year but it was rejected for its subject, according to court papers. He wants to resubmit The Attack as well as other works depicting Civil War scenes for this year’s fair. According to the legal documents, John Alkire, the chief executive officer of the 21st District Agricultural Association, which overseas the fair, was advised by the California Attorney General that to show Desmond’s work would have been inappropriate.




A controversy in the city of Atlanta is brewing over the naming of a park in a “Black community.” Some are shocked that the city plans to name the park after a former mayor and Confederate officer, Major Livingston Mims.


Mims served as Atlanta’s mayor from 1901 to 1903. The park development will cost an estimated $40 million and will include a statue of Mims alongside 15 other statues of Black local and national leaders and a Georgia Native American chief. Among these statues will be likenesses of noted civil rights leader Julian Bond and famed educator and leader W.E.B. Dubois.


The Atlanta leadership of the NAACP states that “Including the Confederate Mims with these leaders would validate the principle of the ‘lost cause’ that has been promoted for 140 years by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, whose members include Georgia legislators, law enforcement officers and other politicians. The ‘lost cause’ postulates that the South lost the war but that the Confederate ’cause’ (enslaving Africans and people of African descent), and decision to wage war against the United States, was just.”
The planned project will use a combination of private donations and public tax dollars to honor a hero of the Confederacy and this does not sit well with some, including the Atlanta branch of the NAACP. According to a press release from the Atlanta NAACP, “There should be no building of any structure, park or green space that honors any person or organization that represents the celebration of the oppression of any racial, religious or minority group.”


Surprisingly, the naming of the park has the backing of former Atlanta mayor and civil rights icon Ambassador Andrew Young, who reportedly engaged in a heated discussion with Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose about the park. The media is doinf back flips to get as many quotes out there from Rose but all published accounts of the twitter and facebook discussions between Young and Rose are dedacting Mayor Young’s comments.


St. Univ. of NY (SUNY) offers workshop on “How to Stop White People”


The workshop was an official part of the residential assistant training program at the taxpayer-funded university.


The Binghamton Review, the university’s conservative newspaper, exposed this nonsense and they deserve a round of applause for their efforts. It’s not exactly clear how they intend to stop all of the white folks, but the course smacks of blatant bigotry disguised as cultural awareness.


Get a load of the course description:


“The premise of this session is to help others take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within.”


I developed a micro-aggression just reading that nonsense.


“The terrifying implication here is not that students on campus think it is appropriate to call an event by that name, but that the university seems to endorse it as a proper part of a RA training,” Binghamton Review journalist Howard Hecht wrote.


“For a university dedicated to providing an inclusive environment, calling an event ‘#StopWhitePeople2K16? seems counterproductive at best,” Hecht continued. “The name is divisive.”


When others are giving up, Dixie Heritage is digging in! When others are retreating, Dixie Heritage is advancing. When most every publisher of heritage books and materials is either selling off its inventory to go out of business and/or selling off its inventory to retool itself as a publisher of more “mainstream” material – Dixie Heritage is starting its own publishing company!


Dixie Heritage Press is the new publishing arm of Dixie Heritage! As I type, two hardback volumes are rolling off the presses. A third is ready to go to press. Additional works, both hardback and paperback, are in various stages of development.


Ole Miss Continues Its March Toward “Relevancy”

by Al Benson


It seems that many of these colleges and universities in the South today don’t really feel “relevant” anymore, or maybe the proper term might be “politically correct” or more properly yet “culturally Marxist.” Somehow, it seems, their leadership and faculties must labor to convince the cultural Marxists out there that they really, sincerely, want to play their game, but they have to do it in such a way that it will not alert those who still cherish Southern culture as to their true intent.


Therefore, they take the classical Fabian socialist approach that they might attain their intended destruction of Southern culture incrementally, all the while assuring those that might send their kids to be “educated” in their Ivory Towers that they really do treasure Southern culture and heritage, but, for the sake of being relevant in today’s changing world, they must work at soft-peddling that heritage just a bit, lest some Black Panther or Muslim terrorist become “offended.” For them the “sin” of offending someone is more heinous than the sin of adultery, which they really don’t consider all that bad anymore.


Ole Miss has gone in this direction. In its infinite wisdom, their leadership has decided to completely trash its Southern heritage and cultural background (incrementally of course) while assuring potential enrollees that this is the last thing they want to do. It may be the last thing they want to get caught doing, but hardly the last thing they really want to do.


I’ve worked at two different colleges over the years, one in the East and the other in the Midwest and from what I could see from either one, they seemed to think their mission was to “fundamentally transform” the students sent to them so that their parents would hardly recognize them when they returned home. I had one lady even tell me once, “Since our daughter came here I don’t even know her anymore.” And she wasn’t happy with that. I told her “I could get fired for saying this to you but if you want your daughter back, taker her out of this school.” I don’t know if she ever did, but I felt it was sound advice. The “fundamental transformation” I have seen with many of these college kids is, in many cases, far from positive.


And at Ole Miss, this seems to be the plan also. They started out banning Confederate battle flags at ball games. That took awhile because, at first, the kids kept showing up with them at games anyway, but the school leadership persisted, and the kids, not realizing their heritage was under subtle attack, eventually started leaving the flags back at the dorm. Then they changed the school mascot. Col. Reb just had to go! He “offended” too many people, and who knows where all those people came from. Some may not have been Southerners who should have realized that, in the South, they don’t do things quite the same as they do in Trenton, New Jersey. Some may have been brainwashed Southern kids, because, as we know if we’ve done the homework, the brainwashing in public schools literally starts on the first day in Kindergarten.


Now it turns out the school band will be prevented from playing Dixie, while the school still talks of how it preserves Southern traditions-which it seems they are seeking to stab in the back culturally, one by one. What they want is a school that is totally identified with what they call the “New South.” And, as one man said years ago in a speech I heard “The New South is NO South.” He was right.


I wonder-how many of those that send their kids to Ole Miss that are from the South realize what is going on-and if they realized it would they be in agreement with it? And if they couldn’t agree with the hatchet job being done on their culture, would they consider putting their kids in some other school-if they could find another one that wasn’t doing the same thing? Years ago author William Lind wrote an article in which he called America’s colleges “little ivy-covered North Korea’s” He was right too.


The problem becomes more and more difficult for parents who want their youngsters to get a college education without being totally brainwashed. They really have to search to find places this can be accomplished and the number of such places seems to be diminishing.


There are some Christian colleges where this is possible, but you have to be careful there too, because some Christian colleges have also drunk the leftist Kool Aid, and may or may not even realize it. Parents in the South who want their Southern traditions and culture preserved for their children and grandchildren have got to be really discerning as to where they send them to college and I don’t envy them the homework they will have to do in making that decision in our culturally Marxist society today.




Fox news and other media would report of what they deemed Confederate Cleansing; because of the actions of the governing body at the University of Mississippi decision to ban the playing of Dixie at their football games, a tradition since 1948. Proclaiming they did so to make it more inclusive. Essentially blaming it on the Black folks; a reconstruction tactic, knowing full well that Southern Black folks have always been inclusive in the playing and singing of Dixie.


Duped again will be all Southerners, and decent Northerners who succumb to accepting this explanation that will lay the blame on loyal Southern Blacks for what these same type of White Southern scalawags, and Northerners who love their boats, pensions, front seat tickets at sporting and other school events, kick backs awarded in financial venues, and not to forget the trinkets for the same type of boot blacks of 1865 – 1877 who put their X on the dotted line.


Thus, the truth; full filling one of the Northern Jewish owned organizations, so called the NAACP, promise in 1989, that their coffers would be replenished for doing what no Northern White man could because he tire of sending his children to schools of the South and them having to listen to those bands playing Dixie, and that he tire of sending his corporate workers South having to look at that Rebel flag; mount the attack on Southern symbols, cultural and social mores and have the Black folks of the South unknowingly do their bidding, and take the blame with no reward but hate and love for each other pushed asunder once again.


I just hope that somebody sends me a ticket to a football game, and a tank of gas to make it to Oxford so that I will make the Honorable Anthony Hervy, a Black man that lost his life after distinguishing himself fighting for the Southern Cross and the honor of those babies of the Mississippi Greys who left the class rooms of Ole Miss. to protect the old men, women and children of Mississippi from the murderous onslaught of Grant; where I shall sing Dixie until I’m too hoarse to sing anymore, and shall began whistling it, humming it until the night is done. God bless you!


Your brother,
H. K. Edgerton
Co – Founder
Black Student Center at the University of Minnesota


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