From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Sat, Aug 20, 2016
Subject: Fwd: Email For Nancy
To: siegels1 (


Good morning,


Would you please consider doing a promotion for Nancy and send it out on your list? Something like this:


Dear Miss Lunelle,


As I reflect on my Southern Heritage Revival March through Florida earlier this year, I am so happy that patriots in Florida have stepped to take on the forces of evil that want to erase the history of the South and the service of the black and white Floridians that served for her defense, like you, Miss Tracie, Miss Mary, Miss Dorian and the honorable Mr. Shillinglaw and your husband, Mr. McCallister, Esq.


I’m very happy to see the efforts of Save Southern Heritage Florida and I am looking forward to being back in Florida in late August and early September to continue my march.


I am particularly happy to see that our own, Nancy Markham-Miller, a 7th generation Floridian, who had an ancestor killed at the Battle of Olustee, stand up to take on a heritage hater, Bill Montford, for the Florida Senate, who voted twice (once in committee and once in full session) to remove Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith from Washington in disgrace. Allowing him to retain his seat in the FLorida legislature when we have someone who will not tolerate further denegration of Florida veterans is available.


Miss Lunelle, I know she will need the help of every southern Patriot. Eveyone should know that her opponent is an entrenched politician who has tens of thousands of dollars at his disposal.


But what he does not have is the prayers and affection of everyone around the world who want to see the good name of the Confederate Veteran perpetuated into the future, and see you as the vehicle for that. Nor do they have the integrity and character of Miss Nancy.


In this letter, I’m asking my readers to watch the video you made about Miss Nancy and am asking each of them to help in any way they can. I know in her campaign she will need yard signs and mailers, and so I’m going to ask them to pray about sending her campaign a donation, no matter how small, at her web site,


Two years ago I predicted Florida would be the next Alamo for Southern Heritage. After my march through the Panhandle and Nancy’s district, I know there are good people that will vote for her if they know about her, and that the donations will be used judiciously prayerfully to make that happen.


Your brother,




Here is your video for my readers: