From: HK Edgerton (
Date: Mon, Jun 27, 2016
Subject: Re: would you write and send a letter to the editor re this?
To: Lunelle Siegel McCallister (


Dear Ms. Lunelle,


I do not know who from the Tampa Bay News Paper wrote this article, or who within that organizations command structure would allow it to be printed. To say that the Honorable General Kirby Smith was not, or is not worthy, to be memorialized in Florida’s Statuary Hall, and then to use a Black woman as the weapon of choice to discredit his life only typifies what I have said about this war that has been declared once again on the Southland of America.


We as Southern people watched as those who hate us tried to transform an insane act in Charleston, South Carolina into one that was perpetrated by the Southern Cross, while using the lie as opportunity to advance their conspiracy for Southern social and cultural genocide. And now we are insulted by those who occupy our homeland into believing that the stand made against a man who illegally invaded our homeland somehow should be defined negatively by our people. And that we should accept the outright lies and attacks upon our ancestors for standing against them as they attacked the Constitution and the teachings in the Christian Bible.


One would have to be a fool not to recognize the conspiracy now being waged against the South, starting from Hollywood and any and every form of social media. Southern social and cultural genocide is the order of the day. And decent and knowledgeable Black folks should repel any of this reconstruction crap for what it is. There is nothing to gain for decent Black folks to allow ourselves to be used in the same manner of the twelve year period of Reconstruction that almost put asunder the love and respect that Southern White and Black folks had for each other. If we as a race of people should be offended by a monument, it should be that of the bigot Abraham Lincoln that stands on the Capitol Mall.


And, let us ask the Tampa Bay News that is biased against the South why didn’t they select the statue of the Honorable General Kirby Smith and that of his Aid de Camp, the Honorable Dr. Alexander Darnes, that is on the grounds of their childhood home in St. Augustine, Florida.


I am sure that the Honorable Mary McLeod Bethune would be infuriated by this gesture of your yankee governor, carpetbaggers, White folk guilt, and reconstruction minded Black Legislators who allow themselves to enrich their personal coffers as the unsupecting populous is left with the stench of hate that is sure to follow their actions. It makes me feel shame as an American that decent Northern and Southern people would set back and allow this sacrilege to continue. God bless you!


Your brother,


HK Edgerton
Recipient of the Vance Aycock Sons of Confederate Veterans Award