Members and friends of the SCV,

Below is a message from Georgia Division Adjutant Tim Pilgrim with details about supporting an excellent bill in the General Assembly this session which will strengthen the protection of our monuments.  In this age of political correctness, it is vital that we support this bill.  Please read Tim’s statement and take the steps to make sure this bill passes.  Many thanks to Rep. Tommy Benton for submitting this bill to the House.

For Georgia First,

Ray McBerry, Public Relations Officer
Former Division Commander
Georgia Division


There have been some bad anti-Veteran and anti-Southern bills filed in the Georgia State Legislature this legislative session. Specifically Bill 760, changes the governance of Stone Mountain Memorial Association by deleting reference to the Confederacy and giving State agencies the power to deem if a monument is “appropriate.” Furthermore, Senate Bill 294 prohibits honoring Confederate Veterans and repeals any holiday or commemoration honoring, in any fashion, the Confederacy.

Some good news is House Bill 50 as been filed this legislative session by our Friend and Compatriot, State Representative Tommy Benton, that strengthens our current Veterans monument laws.

House Bill 50 -Support:

To amend Code Section 50-3-1 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to the description of the state flag, defacing public monuments, and obstruction of Stone Mountain, so as to provide for additional protections for government statues, monuments, plaques, banners, and other commemorative symbols; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.  Click here to see House Bill 50.
The first steps are to write, call and e-mail our State Legislators to express our support House Bill 50 and politely urge them to support it as well.
It has been proven that the most effective way to communicate with your Representatives or Senators is to write them a brief and polite letter. Below is a sample which you may copy and paste or adapt as your own as you see fit.
Dear Representative / State Senator _________________, 

My name is _____________. My Family and I are grateful to be Southerners and have lived in Georgia for many generations. This past year we have witnessed a politically correct onslaught on our families’ Southern Heritage in an overreaction to an event that was in no way remotely related to our Heritage and the sacrifices our Veterans made for their Country and State. 

It appears that all these attacks could have been copied from the actions of the Taliban or ISIS in their on-going destruction of cultural heritage in the Middle East.

Below is a list of actual examples of the hate and cultural “cleansing” in Georgia:   
  • The Chattooga County Commissioner has the Flag display removed from the Confederate Monument on the County Courthouse grounds.
  • The Georgia Department of Revenue pulls the Georgia Division, SCV Specialty Tags for all Tag Offices and Halts the sale of the Tags.
  • NAACP attempts to have the Bullock County Confederate Monument removed from the Courthouse grounds.
  • NAACP attempts to have the Jasper County Confederate Monument removed from the Courthouse grounds in Monticello.
  • NAACP and past City of Macon Mayor calls for the removal of the Bibb County Confederate Monument in Macon to be removed.
  • Governor Nathan Deal has Robert E. Lee and Confederate Memorial Day removed from the State Calendar.
  • The NAACP and the SCLC calls for the removal of the Confederate Memorial Cravings from Stone Mountain.
  • Liberal Activist in Rabun County attempts to remove the Flag display from the Confederate Monument in Clayton, Ga.
  • Representative DaLawn Jones of district 62, files House Bill 760 that would change Stone Mountain from being a memorial to the Confederacy and give the authority to State agencies to define and change monuments if they deem them inappropriate.
  • State Senator Vincent Fort of Atlanta files Senate Bill 294 that prohibits the recognition of public and legal holidays honoring, recognizing, observing, or celebrating the Confederate States of America, its history, or the military or political leaders thereof or the Civil War; to repeal the observing of Confederate History and Heritage Month.

Even recently the City of New Orleans Mayor and City Council voted to remove the statue monuments of General Robert E. Lee, General P.G.T. Beauregard and President Jefferson Davis. This despicable action which was reconfirmed by Federal U.S. District Judge who ruled that the city of New Orleans can relocate the statues. This treat is real and could happen here in Georgia. We don’t need this controversy and contentious actions that intentionally brings discord and division to the people of our great State.

House Bill 50 has been filed this legislative session that

provides further protection to our Veterans’ monuments that were set aside in remembrance of their sacrifices. We want to put an end to these attacks and by strengthening these laws in hopes it will deter any future attacks. We respectfully ask that you support House Bill 50.

Thank you,
( Signed by you and maybe other members in your household)
If you don’t know who your State legislator or Senator is go to the following link and type in your Zip code:
If you are still having trouble locating your legislator or Senator e-mail me
This is a defining moment for our times. We all must take a stand against those who would destroy us and our Heritage. Please write, call and e-mail your State Legislators. Let them know that you support House Bill 50 and ask them tooppose House Bill 760 and Senate Bill 294 . Ask your friends and neighbors to join the fight. We truly believe that people in general are getting sick and tired of these attacks and the tide is going to turn against those in our Legislature who would promote such hatred. We have got to let our voices be heard now more than ever to put a stop to this hysteria. If we don’t, who will?

Deo Vindice,
Timothy F. Pilgrim
Georgia Division Adjutant, SCV