Southern friend,
There are 3 separate initiatives that are being considered in the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee in the coming weeks.
1. Removing Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith from Statuary Hall in Washington, DC;
2. Changing the Florida Senate Seal, and
3. Eliminating the display of any Confederate emblem of Flag on any publicly owned or leased property. Cemeteries, Museums, Libraries, highways, parking lots, etc., ARE NOT EXCLUDED!
Are you going to tolerate this hate or are you going to let your voice be heard????
Speak with your pocketbook – help send an airplane over the Capital with the message “We’ll remember in November” and our beloved Southern Cross.  Any amount will help us get to our $3200 goal for the first Flyover!
Spread the word…dig deep…what is our Southern-American Heritage worth to you?!
Please pass this plea on to others that you know will want to help save our Southern Heritage in Florida!