Comment to KHOY:
The renaming of schools, streets, and removal of monuments dedicated to the memory of our Confederate dead is the work of cultural terrorists seeking to stamp out any and all references to anything Southern.
What these cultural terrorists do not get is that as they put the noose around our necks, those of us who know the truth and stand for limited government and against tyranny, they are placing it around there necks as well.  We may get choked first, but their choking is coming.  They just don’t realize it yet.  They are destroying themselves as they destroy us, or attempt to destroy us. Our Southern spirit will not be legislated or spoken away.  It will continue to live deep within all of us whose ancestors fought to repel an illegal invasion and who suffered rape, murder, looting, and burning at the hands of Lincoln’s socialists. Those people’s gag reflexes have been removed and they are, and have been, guzzling the Marxist Kool-Aid, which has been their drink of choice since 1865.  What a nation of historically stupid, mouth diarrhea-spewing jack wagons we have on our hands!  Look at the atrocities committed under the U.S. flag and compare them to the zero atrocities committed under the Confederate Battle Flag. The Marxists, and their lemming followers, are marching right along, trying to stamp out every last vestige of Southern culture, and singing “Glory Glory Halleluiah” all the way.
Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK