Folks I received the following from a retired Sergeant Major, US Army.
“Sir, at our November meeting of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 153, I picked up a copy of your book Christmas in the Confederacy, for my grandson. Later my wife told some of the women at our church about the Confederacy Christmas story. She was ask to read the Christmas story to the kids during our church Christmas program. It was a big hit, everyone loved it.”
I wrote him back, and his wife read the Confederate Night Before Christmas …
Another fella, someone who is receiving this, sold 100 Confederate Night Before Christmas… so the Confederate Christmas tale is getting out there…and what we have to do is continue that.  We have to promote people like Charles Hayes…not just to SCV and UDC groups but to the Rotary, the Kawanis, the Chambers of Commerce.  We have to retake the South….just like Sherman did, by marching through it and taking town and village…colors flying.  Don’t be afraid of the battleflag…hell no be proud of it.
This is how we earn back a place at the heritage table.
I do not take credit for the Confederate Night Before Christmas, personally I think God wrote it.  I just typed it.
But, to get back into American daily life requires work, and boldness.
We need to support people, artists, writers, musicians, etc who work for the South….like Jed Marum and Donnie Kennedy and others.
We need to get their work into the mainstream…for instance call you radio station and ask them to play Jed Marum’s music!  Go the old folks homes and read The Rebel Mountain Reader to them, ….  Promote the South then AND NOW….. be Pro South then and NOW.  Look at ALABAMA…look at Clemson Alabama…no Yankee schools there…the one that made the top four got crushed.
Have you taken any of the current new writers books to your local library?
We have to fight this battle just like the Gays did, and like our enemies have…we have to win the hearts and minds of the people.
God Bless the  South,
Mark Vogl