Confederate heritage groups wanted to send a message to state lawmakers Saturday with a Southern Heritage Rally at the State House.

Confederate flags waved on the State House lawn and on the steps. Speakers at the event criticized Governor Haley for siding with efforts to remove the Confederate battle flag last summer.

Supporters from both sides of the Confederate flag debate were present at the rally.

“It’s not just a symbol. The flag needed to come down in my opinion because there’s no point in having the flag of a failed insurrection flying on the State House grounds,” David Cadieu said.

“It’s our heritage. We felt invaded and we wanted to protect the monuments that are here, the flag, it’s not about hate,” Becky Webb said.

There is a Senate bill in the State House that proposes changes to state law for monuments on state government property.

Confederate flag supporters fear those changes could lead to removing Confederate monuments from State House grounds.

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