Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 5:38 am

Plans are underway by the Zollicoffer-Fulton Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to restore the UDC Monument to the Women of the Confederacy located on the Lincoln County Courthouse lawn. Here, the fountain monument is pictured before it was vandalized and then after it was damaged.

Plans are underway by the Zollicoffer-Fulton Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to have the fountain monument completely restored.

This monument was placed in Confederate Park, the northeast corner of the Lincoln County Courthouse lawn, in May 1914 as a memorial to the women of the South who supported the men who were off to war and who would work diligently to keep the home and family safe until the men returned.

The monument is eleven feet high and is the figure of a woman standing on a pedestal.

In one hand, she extends a cup, and in the other is held a pitcher. It is believed to be one of the first monuments to women erected in Tennessee.

The inscription on the fountain is: “To the women of the Confederacy, who kept intact the homes of the south while the men of the south were fighting her battles, and who gave to their soldiers, their children and their land waters of life, hope and courage, this fountain is erected by their grateful descendants, the Daughters of the Confederacy.”

In a paper written by Mrs. Fulton M. Wilson about the History of Confederate Monuments in Lincoln County, she said of the women, “No task was too hard, no sacrifice too great if she could help her beloved Southland.

UDC Monument 02Hers was a life of service, ministering, as she did to those around her, and so in erecting a monument to her it was eminently fitting that it should be something more than a figure of marble or bronze memorializing the grace and beauty of her person, cold and aloof, if needs must have a direct, vital contact with humanity, and what could better establish this contact than a drinking fountain?

So as the water gushes from this beautiful fountain, pure and sparkling, it symbolizes her unbounded generosity and the purity and brightness of her spirit.”

The fountain was moved from its original position two or three times. It was vandalized during the 1960s with both arms being broken off. It now stands on the southwest corner of the courthouse lawn.

The Zollicoffer-Fulton Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was chartered November 2, 1895 with fifteen charter members. The chapter was named for General Felix Zollicoffer from Maury County and Col. John Fulton of Lincoln County.

It was disband for several years, but re-chartered in 1998. They now have twenty members and are working on plans for restoring the monument.

The chapter has a quilt to be used as a fund raiser. It is a Double Wedding Ring quilt, hand-pieced and quilted by Magalene Edwards. Donations are being accepted, and they will have a booth near the fountain at Host of Christmas Past.dixie - specials

For more information, contact June Towry at 433-8406 or any of the members of the chapter.