City Manager Ron Carlee said 1977 monument will move to Elmwood

Was defaced this summer

Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee said he plans to move a Confederate monument that used to sit on the lawn of Old City Hall to Elmwood Cemetery.

The memorial, which was placed on city property in 1977, was defaced this summer. Someone spray painted “Racist” on the granite, and the city removed it for cleaning.

The monument is being stored in a warehouse.

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The Confederate Memorial Association of Charlotte paid for the monument. Carlee told City Council members Monday that people associated with the group approached him about moving the monument to the cemetery.

He said he would move the monument, unless council members objected.

“You are on notice,” Mayor Dan Clodfelter told council members.

A Confederate monument on county property near Memorial Stadium was also vandalized this summer. The county has covered the monument in Plexiglass.

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