“Searching For Lincoln”

by Al Benson Jr.

A lady back east sent me a copy of an excellent documentary DVD on the Abraham Lincoln the “history” book don’t tell us about. It arrived here yesterday. Last evening (Aug 31) I watched it. Usually I don’t spend lots of time watching DVDs. I am busy enough that I never seem to quite get around to them. Maybe once every six months or so I get to one, but no more often than that.

This one, though, was worth taking the time to watch, and for those that would like to be aware of the Lincoln the “history” books don’t bother to inform us about I would recommend it.

It goes into Lincoln’s entire life, his views on race (which were “racist”), his views on secession (he was right in 1848 but not in 1860) and that was only because he put forth those views just before the start of the 1848 socialist revolts in Europe. He had odd views on the Constitution and states’ rights (he thought the Union was formed before the States). He wasn’t even close to accurate and his far out views cost the country over 600,000 lives. But he changed the system of government (and that’s what it was really all about). Obviously the folks that put all this together did lots of homework. It should be required viewing in every history class in the country.

If you would like more information you can go to the website www.searchingforlincoln.com  and check it out. The information I received said folks “…can rent it for a few dollars (to be sure they want it, obviously) and then download it for about $20. After that they can burn it to a DVD if they wish to have a hard copy. They can purchase a hard copy from the website.”

The lady that sent it to me also noted, for those interested in purchasing the DVD, “If it is a group purchase–an SCV or UDC chapter, say, or your relatives–do it through me; there is a discount for multiple copies.  I think the price goes from around $20 to $15 per DVD.” Her name is Valerie Protopapas and you can contact her at 14 Peartree Lane, Huntington Station, New York 11746

The DVD was produced by Darlin Productions.