Michael Hill posted in League of the South.
Michael Hill
September 24 at 4:52pm
Below is a copy of a speech prepared by Florida LS State Chairman Michael Tubbs to be delivered to the Alachua County Board of Commissioners. The speech is in regards to the proposed
[and now, sadly, approved] removal of the monument to the Confederate dead who defended Gainesville during The War. The statue of the Confederate soldier atop the monument is referred to as “Old Joe”.

Chairman Chestnut, Honored Commissioners, My fellow Floridians,

The attack on this monument is not an isolated incident. It is part of a larger, far-reaching plan of cultural genocide against the Southern people conducted by numerous organizations and fronts working in unison, and we need you to help stop it here.

In 1850, only two years after the failed Communist revolutions had swept through Europe and the defeated Communists, known as the “Red 48ers,” fled the continent and came to America, we began to have problems with Communists of our own which plague us to this very day.

The great Southern theologian, James Henley Thornwell discussed the troubles we were having in this country which led up to the so-called “Civil War”. In his 1850 sermon he stated,

“The parties in this conflict are not merely abolitionists and slaveholders—they are atheists, socialists, communists, red republicans, Jacobins, on the one side, and the friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In one word, the world is the battle ground—Christianity and Atheism the combatants; and the progress of humanity the stake.”

Clearly, according to our Christian leaders of the time period, our fathers represented by “Old Joe” fought and died against Communism, socialism and atheism and it seems that the battle lines are still similar today.

When one people conquers another, one of the first things the conqueror does is tear down the monuments, statues and flags of the vanquished and replace them with their own.

The NAACP, a group founded by socialists and Progressives, held their 1991 national conference in Houston, Texas, in which a resolution was passed regarding the Confederate flag which was a virtual declaration of war on all things Southern in general and Confederate in particular. Their resolution pledged that the national office of the NAACP and all state and local units would commit their legal and financial resources to the complete removal of the Confederate flag from across our land. They have worked feverishly in that direction ever since.

But it has not ended with flags. Reminiscent of the actions of ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East, across our Southland the NAACP and their socialist, Progressive allies are spearheading the move to tear down our monuments, even wishing to dynamite and sandblast the face of the Confederate monument on Stone Mountain, Georgia, which is a national treasure comparable to Mount Rushmore. Even our gloried Southern dead are not safe from the hate-filled Marxist minions of Political Correctness. In Memphis they took shovels to the grave of Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest and began to try to dig up his remains for removal before being stopped.

Here in Florida the NAACP’s Tallahassee branch President, Dale Landry stated this year regarding the planned assault on our Southern monuments, “We’re ready to do it in the street and then we’re ready to do it in the courtroom. It makes no difference. It’s on.”

Here in Gainesville a young avowed Communist is the leader in removing the monument in question and there’s not a brand of murderous Communism that he doesn’t like. Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, he has publicly boasted of his affection for all three.

Our monuments and heroes are being replaced. Already we have a monument not far from here dedicated to a Communist revolutionary, whore-monger as well as a so-called “Multipurpose Center” and a street named after him.

After 150 years we are still at war and our enemies wish to erase not only our monuments but us as a people. Presently we are engaged in a war of cultural genocide which has shifted to a war of physical genocide. There have been countless news reports of our people being beaten and even murdered along with enumerable acts of vandalism for their display of the Confederate flag this year alone. If any of you think that the Marxist destruction of our history will stop with the removal of our statues, flags and monuments then you know nothing of history. The violence will continue and escalate. Just as in the French Revolution and countless similar events around the world the mobs who clamor for the destruction of the old order do not stop at monuments in their quest for a new order. They move quickly to attack the flesh and blood of those they deem offensive–those who built the statues and those who defended them. As I stated, this is happening already.

This is not a war that will be settled tonight with voting, and it involves more than just a single statue. It involves a clash of cultures just as James Henley Thornwell stated. Christianity and atheism are the combatants.

Our noble dead to whom the local monument is dedicated fought under the motto of the Confederate States of America which was “Deo Vindice” or God Vindicates. The day of vindication is coming, and Southerners have a long memory. I ask you to stand on the side of the traditional, conservative, Christian principles that made our land great rather than on the side of the Marxist, atheist rabble who are working to tear it down and erase its memory. Choose you this day on which side you will stand.