Hi Mr. H.K. Edgerton,

Well yesterday was a heavy hit of turn of events against our heritage around here in Mathews, V.A.  Just a couple days ago, DMV sent me and my dad “new plates” for our motorcycle.  “New SCV motorcycle plates”  The only thing they did was enlarge the font so that there was no room for the SCV logo to go on the plates.  Yet our original SCV plates aren’t up for renewal until Jun or Jul of next year.  Yet DMV say’s our current plates are now dead and cancel.  Tell you what, it’s just a great waste of tax dollars at work, because I always put a Confederate flag on the back of my motorcycle anyways, not to mention the SCV and Confederate stickers on the bike and my truck.  Well if they had a hard time seeing our logo on the plates before, they won’t when me and my dad weld a bracket on the new plates and place a big SCV sticker on the side where the logo is suppose to be.  Has North Carolina try to the same thing to take all the SCV plates and remove the

Also just last night when we had our monthly meeting at the old courthouse, I went to go check on my flags on our monument to find out it was under attack again.  This time our flags were taken up and broke in half and to be left in the dirt.  This was an outrageous act.  In the state of Virginia, we have a state law that enforces that any war monument should not be disturb, removed, alter, or anything, including removing flags; which is a class 1 mist-a-meter (sorry, can’t spell that word).  We are looking to find that the county and state enforces this law and to bring who ever been stealing or taking our flags to bring to justice.  But as I said before, as mysteriously as they disappear, they will keep mysteriously come back.  Even though last night was an outrageous attack, I placed new ones up this very morning.  I have to thank Rufflin Flag Company for the beautiful flags for honoring the brave soldiers.  I will not stop defending, supporting,
and honoring my ancestor and all the brave soldiers who severed the C.S.A. armed forces.  I know, no matter what, we will always continue to defend and honor our fore-fathers, our flags, our history, and our heritage.