Mr. Edgerton, I recently discovered your website and videos on YouTube. What a breath of fresh air you are to a country that needs to hear some truth for a change. The USA and the Southland especially, owe a great debt of gratitude to our Black brothers and sisters, who as you say fought and gave all for their homeland. I consider it an honor to stand with men like you who do not stand for hatred , but want the whole truth be known. Slavery, no matter who the owners were, was a horrible institution and any one with common sense, wishes it had never been a part of our history… But the fact is that there were southern black men and women who gave just as much to save the south as any white person, in spite of slavery. My Grandfather’s Grandfather was killed in the War ,so I feel a close connection to honorable men like you who also had family in the War. Thank you for all you do to preserve the true history of the Southland… Your home and mine.