Dear Confederate Brothers & Sisters of the Virginia Flaggers:


  Sharing w/ 2,000 Patriots bcc herein.

Efforts such as yours and others are the result of an attitude associated with NO MORE EVERMORE resulting from the Political carnage of a 2-Party Duopoly that have used Folks like us to kick around whenever their Political dais is threatened.


The South has become Political FEEDING GROUND that allows us to be ‘Fed’ to their Special Interest Lieutenants whenever anything goes wrong resulting from their self-inflicted ‘wounds’ arising from their Socialized Acts of Legislation that were bourne out of Reconstruction!


Combined, they have become a ‘Daisy-Chain’ of unbridled power and whenever any of their LINKS is threatened, they look at us as being the cause and problem and immediately turn their dogs loose on us.


This policy has consumed America and yet, the only ones who dare speak the Truth are the Same Confederates of old who know & more than understood the difference between Brer Fox & Brer Rabbit.


We are being ‘Fed’ much like a mouse is ‘Fed’ to the sleeping serpent satisfying his appetite for another week before another of us is ‘Fed’ the following week for the SAME purpose.


Yet we ‘Mice’ are expected to Toil as the Servants we have become to pay the ‘Feeder’ his tribute in the form of THEIR taxes that They Increase as NEEDED and when that is NOT enough, another of us is ‘Fed’ to the waiting Snake!


This is NO longer an ‘allegation’ but a statement of fact and it can NO longer be dismissed away and in the manner it WAS when our Confederate Society predicted these would be the ultimate results culminating from actions of a ‘government’ that long ago sold this country down the river.


Many thought we were radical for simply ‘Connecting the Dots’ and having the temerity of our resolve to speak the Truth while others were making excuses for Ignoring and Turning their Backs on an Enemy whose roots have only become strengthened over these last 20 years because of their Appeasing ‘Politics’.


I will say it again:


Ø  There are Two types of People in this Country- the Rotten to the Core Yankee and the Southern Scalawag who sleeps with them.

Ø  The other is We Southern Confederates who have Never forgotten the stench of their ongoing Genocidal actions & the Good Northerner’s who are as repulsed as we but have yet to discover they too are Confederates in common with us!


Ø  Equally, communiques such as these between us are congealing into a Confederate Alliance that our Confederate Society has long advocated.

They are essential in every aspect to our Survival as Washington and their Special Interest Lackey Lieutenants have made their ‘Un-Official’ War of GENOCIDE upon us OFFICIAL!


Ø  We are now, as mentioned, the ‘Mice’ that serve the appetite of the Serpent and we can thank the Southern Scalawags who have combined to elect these miscreants who do the Bidding of their Washington Masta’s with the same Impunity….and many of them ‘walk’ among us telling us they are ‘ONE’ with us and y’all know who I am referring to!




In closing I will say again: There is NO JUSTICE- JUST US and if any among you- North and Particularly Southern- think you are going to ‘reverse’ the Feeding Process at the ‘ballot box’, you are simply out of your minds!!!


To buy into such a diatribe (ignoring the Feeding Process) is to suggest that Lincoln and crew actually invaded us to save his Flawed Union and to emancipate the black man.

In short, Y’all need a Saliva Test!


‘A Country that knows NOT of Its Origin is like a Ship without a Rudder- Sooner or Later It Will (Not If) Destroy Itself on The Reef of Stupidity”


Separation NOW less a Holocaust Tomorrow!

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

For God, Family and the Restoration of the Original Confederation of Sovereign States!





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Subject: Va Flaggers: J.E.B. Stuart Portrait Removal Update



There have been several new developments since the news broke earlier this week that Activist Judge Martin Clark had taken it upon himself to remove a portrait of General J.E.B.Stuart from the Patrick County, Virginia Courthouse.  The town of Stuart, in which the Courthouse is located, was named after the great General, who’s boyhood home, Ararat, is nearby.

The full statement from the Judge is now online and available here:

It is important to read the whole statement to realize that the removal itself, as egregious as the action was, is perhaps overshadowed by the misinformation and clear bias against and contempt for all things Southern that Judge Clark reveals in his statement.

Our own Connie Chastain has penned a REMARKABLE response here:

Please take a moment to read it…and share.  You will not be disappointed.


News of the removal has stirred anger among local residents and across the Commonwealth.  Members of the Patrick County of Board of Supervisors are apparently not happy with the actions taken, and the removal will be discussed at the next Board of Supervisors meeting, Monday, September 14th, 6:00 the Third Floor Board Room of the Patrick County Administration Building, 106 Rucker Street, Stuart, VA 24171.  It appears that the subject of the meeting will be what to do with the portrait now that it has been removed.  We need to make sure that our voice is unified and clear:  The portrait must GO BACK IN THE COURTHOUSE, and the Judge must go!

News report here with photo of the portrait AND POLL:


Before we could even get the ad placed in the local Stuart newspaper (it will run next week) we were receiving calls with offers of land for flags in and around Stuart.  We are pursuing several good leads.


A rally is being planned and details will be available as soon as we have them.

The race baiters in Richmond are already using the Judge’s actions as a rallying cry for removing our monuments, and our Attorney General Mark Herring has called the judge “courageous” for taking this stand.

Oh the irony…Herring calls it a “courageous” act when a cowardly judge removes a portrait in the middle of the night for political gain. Neither of these men has any concept of the true meaning of courage.   J.E.B. Stuart epitomized it. He gave his life on the field of honor defending the Commonwealth. If the judge is so keen to remove any person who had any connection to the institute of slavery, I wonder if he is willing to remove all $50 bills that might somehow enter his courtroom, since he was a “slaveholder”, as well?  As has been the case with every such attack in the last few months, the Judge references the Charleston murders in his statement.  We need to say this and say it often, whenever it is mentioned in one of these attacks…The shooting in Charleston had absolutely nothing to do with the Confederate flag or the Confederate soldier, or our history and heritage.

Folks are finally waking up to realize the true agenda of those who have exploited the tragedy… like this activist judge, who needs to apologize and return the portrait, or resign.


Please take a moment to:

1)  Contact Judge Clark and ask him to return the portrait or resign.


Let’s flood the court with snail mail.  Send a letter to:

Judge Martin F. Clark, Jr

P.O. Box 762
Stuart, VA 24171-0148

In addition, we now have an email address:

You can also call the courthouse at (276) 694-7213

2)  Contact the Patrick County Board of Supervisors.  Ask them to take action to return the portrait or start proceedings to remove the judge.

Chair – Karl Weiss
13139 Jeb Stuart Highway
Stuart, VA 24171
Ph: 276-694-7288

Vice Chair-Roger T. Hayden
Dan River District
390 Cox Ridge Road Claudville, Va 24076
Ph: 276-694-6836

Supervisor – Danny Foley
2967 County Line Road
Patrick Springs, VA 24133
Cell Phone 276-340-0465

Supervisor – Mr. Rickie Fulcher

590 American Legion Road

Stuart, VA 24171

(H) 276-694-7224

Supervisor – Crystal Harris
Smith River District
763 Ridge Road
Woolwine, Virginia 24185
Ph: 276-930-2127

3) Virginia Residents:  Write to your State Delegate and Senator.  Judges are appointed in Virginia.  Let them know that this judge has shown extreme bias and poor judgement and should be removed.

Also, contact the CHIEF judge of the 21st Circuit,
Hon. David V. Williams
Suite B, 3160 Kings Mountain Rd.
Martinsville, VA 24112-3966.


4) Make plans to attend the Patrick County Supervisors Meeting, Monday, September 14th, 6:00 p.m.  You need to get there early to sign up to speak and we need to send a STRONG message with a huge crowd in attendance:
Third Floor Board Room
Patrick County Administration Building
106 Rucker Street
Stuart, VA 24171.

Stay tuned for more information…

Susan Hathaway

Va Flaggers


Saturday, September 5th:  Flagging the VMFA, 200 N. Boulevard, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Saturday, September 5th:  Susan will be one of the speakers at the Washington, DC Confederate Flag Rally – Upper Senate Park 10:30 am – 4:00 p.m. Sponsored by Major Charles G. Petty Camp # 872, SCV


Thursday, September 10th:  Susan is scheduled to speak at the September meeting of the Ivy Ritchie Camp #1744, SCV, Albermarle NC.  6:30 p.m.  Jay’s Seafood Restaurant, 40439 Stony Gap Rd, Albermarle, NC 28001


Sunday, September 27th:  Va Flaggers FOURTH Anniversary Celebration Picnic/Auction, Mechanicsville Moose Lodge 3:00 – 8:00 p.m.  Live music, BBQ supper, raffle and door prizes, silent and live auction.  Accepting donations for auction and door prize items.  ALL ARE WELCOME.  RSVP


Tuesday, November 3rdSusan will be speaking at the November meeting of the Campbell Guards, SCV Camp #2117, 7:00 p.m., Historic Courthouse, Rustburg.


Monday, November 16th:  Susan has accepted an invitation to speak at the November meeting of the Black River Tigers Camp #2152, Angier, NC.  6:30 p.m., Simonz Restaurant.


Saturday, December 12th:  Susan will be speaking at the Christmas Dinner of the John Ingraham Camp #1977, Chickamauga, GA. More details to follow.


Saturday, January 9thSusan will be speaking at the Lee-Jackson Banquet of the Camp Moses Wood #125, SCV, Gafney, South Carolina, 6:00 p.m.,  Cherokee Historic and Preservation Society Museum , 301 College Drive.


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