Date: Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 2:37 PM
Subject: North vs. South in Florida county
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Mr. Edgerton, I’m going to share a couple of links with you that you may find of interest.  Currently there is a raging battle in Walton County Florida over the confederate flag.  I just found out about you and thought you might be spurred to come here and visit the beach and give the 411. Or you could get in on the internet conversation that won’t go away here locally. This place I love is making headlines all over the country, and I’m afraid it will impact us all economically. We are a tourism driven county and most all residents depend on it. I have refrained from getting involved because it’s become such a nasty conversation. Friends have turned on each other, business owners are suffering, and it’s like the North vs. the South.  The people from the south end (it’s VERY white here at the beach) started this petition and possibly a lawsuit.  Most people from the North part of the county (where the black population is much larger) are against taking down the flag. There were about 20 African Americans that spoke at the commission meeting in support of taking down the flag.  The flag was raised in 1964.  I’m not a racist and never have been. I don’t own a confederate flag or even an American flag. I’m a white woman from the great state of Georgia and I’m so disappointed that there are people that don’t hesitate to call me and others racists because we support remembrance of all the sacrifices made by our ancestors. Please, take a look.


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There are many articles from all over Florida…just google Confederate flag Walton county. We are all over the media.


Kelly Calvert Roe