Hat tip to Kevin Carrolll for sharing the following passage.  It has inspired me.  I hope it will inspire others…

In the book Jeb Stuart by John Thomasson, on page 133 in a letter to his wife Jeb mentions the cause for which fought and says: 

“ We must plant our feet firmly upon  the platform of our inextinguishable hatred to the Northern Confederacy (US), with a determination to die rather than submit- What a mockery would such liberty be with submission- I for one- though I stood alone in the Confederacy, without countenance or aid, would uphold the  banner of Southern Independence as long as I had a hand left to grasp the staff & then die before submitting. I want my wifey to feel that sort of enthusiasm, think it over & let me hear her noble words of encouragement & faith”.

“Tell my boys when I am gone how I felt & wrote. Tell him never to do anything which his father would be ashamed of –never to forget the principles for which his father struggled. We are sure to win, what the sacrifices are to be, we cannot tell, but if the enemy held every town & hill top-southern subjugation would be no nearer its consummation than now.”  

May God bless the eternal memory of Gen. J.E.B. Stuart…and God Save The South!

Susan Hathaway

Va Flaggers