For about 3 years I lived in Lake City, Florida. During that time I failed to notice the city seal. Even though it was on the town sign, the city vehicles, the police cars, etc. Amazing how you can fail to pay attention to things. So this was really surprising when a reader of this newsletter eMailed to ask if I knew what was happening in Lake City. I asked him to share so here is his take on another sad attack on our heritage:


Lake City:  Very nice town… we live about 25 miles South in O’Brien…. that is where we go to ‘big shop’ and also some very nice restaurants… as a matter of fact that have had a ‘boom’ in big name restaurants moving into town, which makes their logic on the flag even more perplexing.  Anyway, with all the universal hoopla about the Confederate Battle Flag, some folks went to the town council and asked that it be removed from the City logo… the Flag is about one-fourth of the city logo… after a month … 2-3 meetings.. the city council voted to remove the flag as part of the logo and are now in the process of having to develop a new logo… change city letterhead, all forms that have the logo; the logo on police cars, fire vehicles, trucks, etc… lots of $$$$$

And all based on lies and “offended parties.”  One of the arguments was that if they didn’t change the logo, new businesses would not come to town… the usual other argument – symbol of racism, hate, discrimination;  a few people did speak out in favor of keeping the flag on the logo using the truth, all of which are in your book… it looked like (for a week or two) the council was going to leave it as is, but in the end, they caved to the pressure.

I am from Pennsylvania, and even though raised in Florida, I consider myself a Northerner and even I know that the Civil War was a war of money … or, for money; Lincoln simply couldn’t keep the country economically going without Southern Money…. so, like so many government officials today, when there is a serious economic problem, a good war will solve it…. (sarcastic? I suppose, or cynical);

Anyway, truth be told it is probably our fault; when they started hiring all the liberals in the universities and we allowed them to remove the ‘true’ History of Western Civilization out of the High Schools and Colleges, we should have stopped them.

Darlington offers flag exchange: Confederate for American


Darlington Raceway will give out American flags to those who want to turn in a Confederate flag, continuing an initiative that began in Daytona soon after nine people were killed at a church in Charleston.


Track president Chip Wile says he hopes fans attending the Southern 500 on Sunday will ”join us in creating an inclusive atmosphere” at NASCAR’s oldest superspeedway.


Darlington Raceway owners, International Speedway Corp., began the flag exchange at the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway in July. Other ISC tracks have followed suit.



On September 1st a group presented themselves to the Marion County Board of Supervisors and asked that the battle flag be removed yet again from the Veteran’s Memorial. The County has tabled the request but will un-table it at the next meeting. So this victory is still a fight.

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