Judge Martin F. Clark Jr. has removed a portrait of Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart from the Patrick County Circuit Court’s courtroom, according to a statement from Clark.

The statement, which Clark released Tuesday, states that he removed the portrait on Aug. 19 and outlines his reasons for doing so: principally that a courtroom must be a neutral location, and it cannot be neutral if it contains a powerful symbol of the Confederacy.

“The courtroom should be a place every litigant and spectator finds fair and utterly neutral,” Clark wrote in the statement. “In my estimation, the portrait of a uniformed Confederate general – and a slave owner himself – does not comport with that essential standard.”


Smith’s statement reads like it was copied straight from the NAACP play book for all things Confederate.  Not only is it factually false and philosophically flawed, he reveals his true feelings when he states:

“Despite my disdain for all versions of the Confederacy’s flag, despite the patently offensive character of the these flags, and despite my belief that no one will take us seriously if we continue to insist these emblems represent who we are in 2015…”

Judge Clark obviously has a political agenda, and has no business letting his personal beliefs override the history and heritage of the citizens of the circuit he is supposed to represent.  The process to remove him and replace the portrait needs to being immediately.

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This was a calculated move by Clark, who obviously believes the publicity and notoriety he will receive from this stunt will be worth whatever backlash he receives.

Let’s make sure and prove him wrong.

General Stuart gave his life on the field of honor, defending the Commonwealth.  What will you do to defend him today?



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