From: <>
Date: Sun, Aug 30, 2015 at 5:18 PM
Subject: Flag Rally Saturday, Sept. 5

Lisa Thomas has just invited Camp 87 to attend and participate in a Flag Rally this coming Saturday, September 5th.  The Rally starts at 4:00 p.m. at Bass Pro, Exit 407 at the Sevierville Exit of I-40.  H.K. Edgerton will speak to those gathered, before the Rally goes mobile.


The route is from Bass Pro, to Gatlinburg, and then back to Bass Pro at Exit 407.


We had a great time this weekend at the Rally in Campbell County, so I encourage everyone to attend this Sevier County Rally (if you’re not going to Washington, D.C. for that Rally).


Please refer any questions to Lisa Thomas at if you need more information.


BTW, we sold about 115 Battle Flags in about 1.5 hours yesterday before the Campbell County Rally.  With the latest shipments, we still have an inventory of about 220 Battle Flags for sale. They are a hot item and we cold sell them all if we set-up a roadside stand.



Scott D. Hall, Camp 87 Commander

Sons of Confederate Veterans

105 Bruce Street

Sevierville, Tennessee, C.S.A. (Occupied)


Office:  865-428-9900