From: “Jay Hinton”
Date: July 10, 2015 at 8:12:29 PM CDT
To: “Jay Hinton”
Cc: “Sonja”
Subject: A Southern Confession

I need to be a better hater.  After the events of these last few weeks, I have been in a contemplative mood.  Thinking about how much hate I have been missing, deceived by my own good will.  But now that the government folks keep lining up to convince me of the evil motivations that have driven me over my life, I have been compelled to come clean.  This therapeutic list is just a start; there’s more confessin’ to do.

To the nurse for whom I bought a drink after I could tell she had a hard day, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have done that.  To the two entrepreneurs I advised and financed their business start-up, I’m sorry.  To the fatherless boys at the youth facility who needed mentoring, that was so insensitive.  To the cleaning lady who used to work in my building whom I encouraged in her marriage and child rearing, I feel terrible about that.  To the overweight woman who took up her seat and a good part of mine, I’m sorry for moving across the aisle on that cross-country flight.  To the fellow who needed some editing of his Father’s Day speech at church, my bad.  To the habitual cheating husband with whom I spent hours wrestling with issues and accountability to help save his marriage, I was wrong.

To the father of 2 then 3 then 4 etc. whom I called friend and whose ministry I supported financially for years, my heart aches.  To the two sweet elderly ladies at the coffee shop whose 2 minute “hello” turned into an hour of us discussing each’s love for history…., yep, them too.  Goodness, the examples just keep piling up.  To the young buck I gave safety instructions during that emergency landing, I’m ashamed.  To the doctor I defended in a county where nobody wins and won, I apologize.

I’m feeling better already.  Because, not until I started soaking in the wisdom of the politicians and social leaders (you know, the ones on T.V.) did I come to know that I really hated these folks. Gee, I’ve treated others like I want them to treat me; I’ve prayed, read my Bible, gone to church. That’s been my life.  So now, newly enlightened that none of that could be true, I’m coming out!  Boy, have I been foolish.  Selflessness? Goodness? Kindness? Forbearance?  Who would have known those things were bad?  Well, I’m now convicted.  I’m a hater.  I’ve gotta be.  I just guess I haven’t been a very good one.  I promise I’ll get better…to be the kind of man the government says I am.

Oh, did I mention?  All of the folks above are black.  I’m white.  I own a flag (yep, one of those).  I’m from the South.  I must need some more reconstructing whatever that is.  Now, off to my son’s multiracial Tae Kwon Do class…he’s a black belt.

Jay Hinton.