Lisa Lynn
August 21 at 8:38pm
I love how you tell the stories Mr. Edgerton. I watch your videos and listen with extreme interest because, you tell them with such fire and passion that anyone could not help but to listen with anticipation. It is very educational without a bit of bias when it comes to the truth(s) that you speak of. I also love the warmth and kindness that you project onto others while telling these stories. You definitely put a halt to the much stereotypes that is placed on the south when it comes to all of us being labeled as racist. There is so much kindness that a lot of Southern people do have, and we aren’t given the chance because of the label that we all have. Such a shame. People truly don’t know what they’re missing out on. I wish people would quit assuming that we all are racist and just take the time to ask us if we are. They just may be surprised. Kudos to you, Mr. Edgerton!