From: Craig Maus
Date: Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 3:18 PM
Subject: Coincidence? Richmond, Virginia & Hamburg, Germany.
richmond civil warSharing w/ALL Patriots bcc herein Joan w/permission to forward: (SEE
PICTURES attached)

> What few understand was the wholesale bombing and liquidation of cities
that were occupied by civilians with little if any Military presence.
> This is another whitewash of what was done when it was known that little,
if anything, would be accomplished from this.

> But to the ‘Victor goes the Spoils’ as does the ‘Explanations’ given
afterwards for such ‘actions’.

> Sherman is one of the most prolific examples of this.
He and his Federal Army burned, pillaged and raped their way through
Georgia INCLUDING the killing of many blacks along with the majority of
white civilians in his march to the sea.

> Under ANY other circumstances, he would have been tried for War Crimes
against Humanity but instead, Lincoln and Company placed medals upon his
rotten chest and built statues in his ‘honor’.

>  But who today is getting their statues, flags and symbols removed
thanks to the modern-day political rhetoric created & subsequently
interpreted by an Orthodoxy of Left-Wing Politicians who use militant blacks
as a bridgework to advance their political narrative that cloaks their
heinous deceit & fabrication of Historical Facts- US Confederates who
embodied Christian Values as you note below Joan.

> Had our Military not observed their Christian prowess which was applied
in War and fought UGLY instead of NOBLY, perhaps things might have been

> But those FACTS regarding the HONOUR They Brought to the Battlefield,
like all else today, has become Unknown because of Political Revisionism
that is eating away at this country’s SOUL each and every day.

America is awash in SIN and it knows LITTLE of its former being allowing for
this charde of DECEIT to advance.

May God help us restore the Original Confederation of States whose purpose
was created in His Name.

Deo Vindice,

[><] (Ms. Hough is a Board Member of The Confederate Society of America)

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Subject: Re: Coincidence?

What a perfect lesson this wonderfully wise New Yorker has provided us in
these two pictures!

Of course the pattern for this type of total War was created by Lincoln and
his Marxist buddy, Lieber-.   Goodbye Geneva Conference, hello Radical
Marxist Republicans’ view of war-“anything goes”-because sadistic monsters
say so.

I  must confess that at times, I almost succumb to evil thinking and wish
that the  War of Northern Aggression had really been a CIVIL WAR and that
instead of our Christians running our Confederacy’s military, sadistic
monsters had replaced them and retaliation has become our credo.  Near
succumbing,  I might even evilly think our military would have done a tit
for tat job on the north and we the winners would then be able to lie about
it and brainwash the young in every generations until  all Americans think
every horror inflicted on northerners was well deserved.

In a disgusting wallow in evil, of course, I would have had Southerners,
reacting precisely as did the Yankee preachers, throw away every shred of
real Christianity and accept the most despicable actions against most
northerners as worthy of us-and far less than  what was actually deserved by
the north.  I might even feel as they did about Southerners, and- hate the
fact that we did not complete eradicate any future  earthly presence of the
offspring of northern Republicans and Democratic Marxists.  I might feel
that we should have destroyed the enemy’s seed, if for no other reason than
the too many tragedies the Republicans inflicted on naive arriving in
America Irishmen and on the Republican Party’s  northern enemies,  northern
citizens identified as  Copperheads.

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