We Won
UT was poised to move the statues – on Saturday – had a media circus hate-a-nanny all ready to go as they hauled down old Jeff to the cheers of rabble. Didn’t quite work out. SLRC got a Travis County Judge to block removal until the Texas Division SCV’s injunction can be heard next week! SLRC staff worked all night and most of today to file by Friday afternoon – but CTC Lyons knew that if the SCV didn’t file today- the statues would be gone Monday! the fight is on — helps. Lyons must travel to argue the case next week – we have a Littlefield descendant who may need to be flown to Austin as well to represent the Confederate Veteran UT benefactor who gave the statues to UT in the first place. So give & give generously so we can continue to create “Maalox moments” for those who hate our heritage!