I don’t know if you saw this in our local news or if it had been brought to your attention: Mother Upset Over Confederate Flag Ban at Cabell Midland High School
Mother Upset Over Confederate Flag Ban at Cabell Midlan…

More controversy over the Confederate flag has people fired up on both sides.
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I of course do not agree with the school.  This kid chose to ware it to school. He exercised his right of free speech and self expression and went to school with it. There is no foul language or nudity on the shirt, but the rebel flag offends them. Thats the wonderful thing about America, everyone is entitled to their opinion! Thats what this country was founded on! To stop one child from exercising these rights, kills a little more freedom. Since when did we go from “Land of the free” to “Land of the free, so long as it doesn’t offend anyone…. I’m sorry if I offended anyone by saying sorry….” Screw that! Thats NOT what our service men gave their lives to protect!!! In support of this child’s rights, and on behalf of my freedoms I enjoy, I will buy a shirt and a flag and maybe some other swag. Because I am proud to be an old American and I support my freedom!