From: HK Edgerton
Date: Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 11:21 AM
Subject: Re: Important: Please review and advise
Dear Ms. Lunelle,

Colonel Ty Seidule is not fit to teach at any University in America. His discourse is filled with so many distortions that one who has the basic knowledge of the events from 1843 until 1861 knows that he speaks as any Yankee would who wants to hide the truth of the their complicity in the economic institution of slavery.

Where is his mention of Lincoln and the Corwin Amendment, the ill treatment of the Black Union soldier, the Northern Rum trade and the Africans bought and sold to keep it afloat, or the number of tradesman employed in the boat building business to bring slaves from Africa, or the agent of the Northern banks known as a Factor whose job was to run the affairs of the Southern Plantations who borrowed money from them, or the total war policy under the orders of Lincoln that took the theater of war to the defenseless innocent old men, women, and children as they murdered, stole, raped, burned and plundered while killing or stealing animals that produced foodstuffs to feed their families.

It makes me sick that any Southern baby would be forced to sit and listen to the diatribe of a idiot who is filled with hate towards the South. It is the times that we live in as these forces circle the wagon gloating that their lies appear to be taking them where they have always wanted to be subjugating and punishing the South as promised by Thaddeus Stevens.

I can only hope that we make a Stand that would make our ancestors proud. God bless you!

Your brother,


Honorary Scot of Austin





Yes, the attacks on flags, monuments, paintings, street names are awful.   But I just have seen what I view to be the worst thing possible… It appears that the US Military Academy is teaching the War was about slavery.


My nephew pointed this out to me, and I feel strongly that there must be some organized response to this!!!!!!!


I confirmed the speaker, suspecting that it was not truly an Army officer, but sadly I am wrong!


And to add insult to injury, Praeger University, hosted by a conservative talk show host is the sponsor of this, and they claim to be promoting Judeo-Christian values.


Interested in your thoughts to a response…


Also, we need to get out a competing utube.