From: Patricia Miles
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 3:55 PM
To: Craig Maus
Subject: Re: 1991 NAACP Confederate Flag Resolution.


Hi, Craig,


I am attaching something that I may have already sent you before.  It’s an article about the race riots against the police.  I’m sending it to you to help some people connect the dots.


In the article, there is a list of organizations that have a hand in agitating the race riots against alleged racial profiling by police departments.  These same names have appeared in reports about the demand to take down Confederate flags and monuments across the South, but you won’t see this on the mainstream media.  The two issues are linked in that the ultimate goal is not only to nationalize the police force but also to cause a race war so the government will have an excuse to implement martial law, suspend elections, and attempt a gun-grab.


The Ferguson, MO, thing happened last summer, and so did Washington & Lee’s edict to take down the flags at the Lee Chapel.  The museum in the City of Danville wanted to take down the 3rd national flag last fall, but that was stopped by the discovery of the state law that protects such monuments.  Unfortunately, Danville is now trying to circumvent the law and take down the flag anyway, which is a violation of the Dillon Rule.  They could get in big trouble if we had a conservative state attorney general.  Of course, the one we have is one of the Administration’s Carpetbagger minions, so we can expect no help from him.  Then, the Carpetbaggers in Charlottesville decided to stop observing Lee-Jackson Day, and the ring-leader of them (a liberal “community organizer” and Obama campaigner on the City Council) announced that she wanted to take down all Confederate monuments in the city.  That was in January or February of this year.  Next, we had riots in Baltimore and NYC over alleged police trangressions.  (Who is in the middle of the war on police?  Al Sharpton, who is a close adviser to our current Communist-in-Chief and frequent White House visitor.)  Then, a black UVA (back to Charlottesville) student instigated a confrontation with ABC enforcers and alleged racial profiling–his mother’s address was Chicago!  Next, we have a very likely photoshopped picture of the Columbia, SC, shooter holding a Confederate battle flag.  Indeed, the smoke was barely finished coming off his gun when the evening news reported that the suspect had Confederate license plates.  I knew where this was going as soon as I heard it.  All it will take is for a crane or a bulldozer to take down one monument, and you know that someone is going to get shot over it, which will lead to much worse.  Thank God Virginia has the state law; but for how long?  I wouldn’t be surprised if legislation were introduced the very next General Assembly session to repeal it or at least amend it so that the specific protection of Confederate monuments is eliminated.  We need to be watchful for this to happen.


As I have said before, the South fought to preserve the original intent of The Constitution, not slavery.  The Lincoln Administration, which had been created by Marxists and northern industrialists, wanted to expand the power of the federal government, marginalize the power of the states, and syphon Southern money to facilitate the expansion of the industries and the railroads.  None of the above was constitutional, nor was the war.  They had to cover it up by making everyone believe it was over slavery and canonizing Lincoln so that everyone would think that anything he did was constitutional when it was not.  They have had to continue to demonize the South and all Confederate symbols in order to cover up their on-going Communist agenda.


Do you think we have two political parties?  We do not.  They are one and the same, with the same agenda.  We are given the illusion of having a more Constitution-leaning party just to maintain a status quo of acceptance among the population while they continue their work of dismantling the republic our Founding Fathers fought for and created.


When you take the myth of slavery out of the equation of the war, one has to ask, “Why was it fought?”  The answer to that is what is wrong with our economy, the trade deficit, the war on police, the war on all things Confederate, political correctness infringing on the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech and religion, continuous assaults on gun rights and violations of the 2nd Amendment–ever wonder why so many shady, allegedly mentally ill people have suddenly become prone within just the last few years to shooting up schools and movie theaters?–the politicization of race and sexual orientation, the continued harping on global warming when that has been scientifically debunked, the list goes on and on and on.  The Constitution gives specific powers to the federal government in Article I, Section 8.  All others are left to the states and to the people.  So, education, the environment, social issues like the definition of marriage and healthcare, etc., etc…. are STATE jurisdiction.  States still have the right to nullify unconstitutional laws, which is why the federal government keeps the states under its thumb with federal grants and manipulates state elections.  A prime example is our last gubernatorial election.  Sarvis’ so-called Libertarian ticket was never going to win.  It wasn’t designed to.  It was financed by Obama campaign bundlers to purposely split the conservative vote, while the Virginia state GOP and Republican National Committee threw Cuccinelli under the bus.  In fact, Obama attended fundraisers in California to raise funds for McAuliffe, who is from New York and loaned the Clinton’s money to buy a house.  Virtually the same exact set-up occurred in the 1860 election.  Candidates were run in such a way that the vote was split, ensuring that Lincoln would win.  The last time Mark Warner ran for Senate–last year?–Sarvis (again) ran against the TEA Party favorite who was on the Republican ticket, split the vote, and ensured that Warner would be re-elected.  By the way, Warner has a score of 11% on the Freedom Index (, which scores Congressmen based on whether or not they vote in step withThe Constitution.  Of course, “they” want to keep him there!  Tim Kaine stands at a dismal 2%!


See, it’s all connected and has been for over 150 years.