Tim Manning
July 23 at 11:17am
WHY THE SOUTH HAS NOT RISEN & WHAT THE SOUTH NEEDS ~ The USA was subjected to Robert Owen (an American socialist) and his egalitarian immoral church-hating students beginning in about 1800. The Khazar banking oligarchs were working to control the wealth of the industrialising western world long before that. Most folks do not realise that the Jews were hated long before the crucifixion of Christ. Khazars and the Jews before them were unproductive leaches long before industrialisation seeking to live off of the hard work of the people of many nations by seeking control of their systems that maintained the holding and transfer of monies and personal wealth. This is what got the Jews thrown out of England during the early 1600s A.D. and thrown out of many other European nations.

The concepts of Zionism began amoung Semite peoples before the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism. The influx of converted Khazars to Judaism was highly destructive. The conversion of Khazars had little to do with the religious aspects of Judaism and more to do with its totalitarian schemes to control the wealth of other nations.

I L-O-V-E what the Flagger’s are doing, and what they are doing is barely a beginning to what we should be doing and that is O.K. when we view the Flagger’s as as embryonic organisation. Keep up the good work folks ! ! ! I participated in many Flagging’s in South Carolina and in North Carolina and I support what they are doing. With skilled leadership The Flagger’s could replace the disfunctional SCV.

The SCV most assuredly had the greatest “potential” for defending the view of our American Founder’s as our ancestor’s gave all they had to defend those views of liberty and freedom during the 1860s, but the SCV for several generations now is a short, one-way, and dead end street that does almost nothing to address public education about or defending our Confederate heritage and nearly nothing to preserve it, and it goes further and condemns those in its membership that are publically active in defending Southern heritage.

SCV often finds itself as the chief obstacle in opposing Southern heritage. Out of 80 million descendants (male and female) now living of Confederate Veterans their membership was about 32,000 the last time I checked. That makes them only a tiny fraction of the population they often claim to represent. The history of SCV is a history of low-achievement and squandered opportunities. The failure of SCV to seriously address the heritage of Southern Confederate culture and civil life can be laid at the feet of its national leadership which has been largely infiltrated by Intel Agents in order to keep the constitutional principles of the U.S. Founders kept at bay.

AT THE SAME TIME SCV members and especially the courageous Confederate State Flagger’s must be honoured for their courage as they identify themselves standing tall in their/our willingness to keep Confederate flags, symbols and images in the public view. This is an important positive quality of the SCV members. At best SCV has been said by some to be a “first step” (maybe a small one, but an important one in an increasing hostile public environment in the USA) in developing a “desire to return” to a more “coherent Christian view of civil life.”

The South is not simply a region where there are a few good Christian Ladies and Gentlemen and a host of bad folks; rather, it is a region that is composed of folks suffering in various stages of egalitarian social re-engineering that we often think of and classify as different periods of yankee-American “(de)Reconstruction.” Many of these folks miraculously have families who have resisted this Reconstructed for several generations without the help of an overt consensus of its more learned and educated Statesmen.

Southerner’s are desperately in need of a “closed-group” that does “open and constructive dialogue” about our personal and public futures “without the judgemental narrow mindedness of modern PC indoctrination and input of the liberal full-bore egalitarians.” Living in this totalitarian failing empire with all of its expensive and misguided failures is a serious and unproductive distraction to the difficult and serious work of the self-directed autodidac’s who seek a more intelligent, a more moral, and a more peaceful constitutional government.