I couldn’t sleep last night, after seeing an image more disturbing than any I have witnessed over the last few weeks.

After Commissioners in Bexar County, TX voted yesterday to remove Confederate Memorial plaques from County property, workers ripped the memorials from walls under cover of darkness…just before midnight.

Veterans’ memorials, installed by heroes, were removed by cowards.

A local news station was there and caught this photo of the Taliban/ISIS/Nazi/Communist/Orwellian like destruction of our history and heritage…


Apparently, in their frenzied haste, they failed to notice that one of the four “Confederate” symbols is actually an AMERICAN LEGION plaque.  We can only assume that Bexar County has chosen to openly and willfully dishonor ALL American Veterans by their disgraceful actions.

Obviously, there are no so-called “offensive” battle flags on any of these plaques… only a United Daughters of the Confederacy Logo, and an American Legion logo.

Here is a link the contact information for the Commissioners who are responsible for this heinous act:


These folks are quick to cash in on the profits generated by the history/heritage of The Alamo, yet have chosen to dump OUR history and heritage…and that of thousands of Bexar County residents, into the trash bin.

One speaker at the meeting last night was quoted as saying that the plaques belong in a “museum”.  Sound familiar?  Newsflash, Bexar County…those memorials belong EXACTLY where YOUR citizens installed them, and/or wherever WE, the remnant of a once great Army, decide they should be placed.
What’s next, Bexar County Commissioners…grave robbing?
God have mercy on their souls…and GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!

Susan Hathaway


Virginia Flaggers

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