This is just a lovely situation…


As expected while we watch every Southern symbol we have come under a well-organized & orchestrated attack we have too many national leaders of our many Southern groups fighting turf wars amongst themselves but, what`s new about this scramble for personal self-glorification & gratification coming before our cause.

While mission statements of these various clubs are not exactly the same the “leaders” bicker over who should be the top dog in charge of flag rallies & protests. The average Southern who cares about our heritage & symbols do not share your self-centeredness. They just want to see our flags, statues, monuments & memorials saved.

If there was anything to some of these self-proclaimed leaders they would want the same as well & put their differences aside & push for this common goal we all want, saving our Southern history & heritage. Instead some are fighting amongst themselves like hound dogs fighting over a used hub cap full of scraps while some of our heritage has already been voted to be sent to the junk yard.

I wonder how much more the South is going to lose because some “leaders” cannot play well with others unless they personally get all the toys? For your information the average Southerner who belongs to none of your groups would like to see it all saved. Instead, more is being lost than should be because of personal egos in our own ranks.

Due to this I would not be the least bit surprised if we lost it all. God sent us leaders who can cooperate with each other under the strain of war & battle. Give us men like, Lee, Jackson, Longstreet, Stonewall Jackson, Patrick Cleburne, etc. At present we Southerners see none on the horizon God Save the South from our enemies & ourselves.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama