I do not know what happened. But I am reminded that God is in control of all things. Remember last week that I had reported that the North Carolina State paper was late in publishing my response to the attacks against our heritage and ancestors by high-ranking Southern Baptists. Had they published my reply when I had submitted it most likely it would have been lost in all the type over the ruling on “gay marriage.” Instead, the late printing put it in a “dead” news cycle so it generated a LOT of reaction. So much that the editor of the Baptist News Global wire service decided to “turn the table” back in favor of our critics by subtly attacking me. To read the article, click this link:
So this week my email and telephone have been pretty busy.  I am getting a LOT of calls at the church from people who are praying for me to repent of my “hatred.” The funny thing is that these calls are not coming from the people I am accused of hating. They are coming from white liberals. And these white liberals are not calling from up north but from Alabama and Tennessee and Florida and the Carolinas.
I am also getting a LOT of supportive contacts too. A surprising number of them from people up North and from Southern people of color who know that their ancestors were also Confederate soldiers and supporters.
One of the people in the Southern Baptist Convention who has been a strong friend of Southern Heritage is Don Hinkle. He is the editor of the Missouri State paper. The Baptist News Global article quotes him as saying that he has reversed his position on our heritage and therefore so should I. But I just want to report that the BNG article is taking Don WAY out of context.
Needless to say, God has called us to be a voice. Sometimes, like like John the Baptist, that means being “the voice of one crying in the wilderness.” Be that as it may, we will continue to raise our voice!