From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 10:49 AM
Subject: An Open Report & Open Letter / Lies & Get Out
To: siegels1 <>

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

I would speak first to the Republicans Men’s Club in Asheville, North Carolina and later to the Libertarian Party in response to the South Carolina Legislature’s removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from its position on the Confederate Soldier’s Monument on the grounds of the State House. A place that they had negotiated in the year 2000 that the Flag should be placed and never removed.
Never mind that the distorted narrative role and nature of the slavery issue as a cause of the War For Southern Independence as the weapon of propaganda had been squashed in these negotiations as a means for political and economic gain ; the lie was now refueled again as the Press would report that the Flag on the Confederate Soldier’s Monument  had not been placed at half staff in honor of those nine people who had lost their lives in an insane act by Dylan Ruth.
With full knowledge that neither the Daughters of the Confederacy or the Sons of Confederate Veterans had no power to touch the position of the Flag; the Legislature allowed the media to continue its rant. And then they would find a picture of this boy holding the Southern Cross in one hand and a gun in the other, and proclaim that the  Flag had caused him to commit this insane act
I would tell both Parties that had Dylan gone to the Sons website, he would have learned about the place of honor earned by the trained cadre of Africans on plantations all across the South who made the implements of war, provided the food stuffs for General Lee’s army, stayed at home and protected those home places as best they could while the men were away,and who went off to war like the forty plus men who rode with General Forrest, and of whom the General said that there was no better Confederate,
I would tell them that the Mayor of Charleston was no better than Lincoln as he suspended the writ of habeas corpus; trying and convicting Dylan in the court of public opinion before the young man could go before the court and his peers. A young man who was still considered innocent under the American jurisprudence system until proven guilty.
I would tell them that the Southern people had fought a war against the unjust taxation, and other abuses suffered, and to free themselves of a Northern political dominance that had enriched the Northern States and oppressed their region.
I would tell them that the Southern Cross has come to symbolize the courage and blood sacrifice of not only the Confederate soldier, but of the Southern people who had to face an army who had orders from from its Commander In Chief to take the theater of war to the innocent and defenseless old men, women and children (total warfare). To do anything to break their spirit; kill them, rape them, rob them, burn them out, and there would never be an accounting for what you do.
I would tell them that the South Carolina Legislature’s removal of the Confederate Flag from its place of Honor was not a moment of racial or social healing.It only continued the lies told of our history urged on by Northern corporate political donations to willing scalawags just like during the period of reconstruction aimed at destroying a people and all that is true and honorable about their history.
I would travel to Oxford, Mississippi on Sunday, August 2, 2015 to attend the funeral of the Honorable Anthony M .Hervey, a young Black man, fellow compatriot and my brother who has gained much fame for his staunch defense of the South and the Southern Soldier. A man who would loose his life because of this Stand.
I  am sorry to report that I would be asked by a middle age White man to leave the church sanctuary of First Baptist Church out of respect for the family and church, because I had entered with the Southern Cross in hand. I told him that this would not have set well with Anthony as I would take the time to hug every single person in the church as I complied with this unholy request to take the Christian Cross of St. Andrew from a Christian sanctuary.
I would soon be asked by the Oxford police to remove myself from the Church property as I stood at the front door still greeting those in attendance to include the Honorable Charles Kelly Barrows; not only the Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but also the distinguished author of the Forgotten Confederate; a novel about the Black Confederate soldier and his families.
I would like to thank the Oxford Police and its Captain who made it known that he was there to protect me . And I give special thanks to my brother Danny Hembree from Coker, Alabama, and the members of the Mississippi Division of the Mechanized Calvary, who too would refuse to leave my side.
I have spent much time on the streets attending rallies as I had done alongside Anthony on the day of his death and every day before and after the lost of the lives in Charleston. And this would include donning the uniform of the Southern soldier and posting his Colors the week prior to and the day of its removal in Columbia while holding conversation with the many who would surround myself and my baby brother Terry Lee.
I would hope that folks who truly care to stop this new reconstruction as Southern social and cultural genocide are the orders of the day for the new carpet baggers , scalawags and their new orators ; the NAACP and Southern Poverty Law Center of who I personally consider the foremost hate organizations in America; would open their wallets and help .
I also continue to await an answer from the Attorney General, the Inspector General, and the Internal Revenue Service about the misuse of the 501 C3 status of both the NAACP and Southern Poverty center. And who is responsible for the enforcement of the Congressional Mandate so designating the Confederate Battle Flag as a Venerated symbol. And the status of the Confederate Soldier as an American Veteran under Federal Law 425. God bless you!
                              Your brother,
                                Honorary Scot of Austin