Thank you for this timely and important issue. The death of Anthony Hervey is to me, tantamount to the cowardly killing of Medgar Evers back during the Civil Rights Movement. I fear that he is the first martyr of this quickly escalating cultural war. As the NAACP is moving quickly to culturally cleanse every town and county of its Confederate Memorials, so too is the anger growing among those of us who have worked for years to bring black and white together in the South. The NAACP and other closed-minded radicals are tearing that hard-earned brotherhood apart. It is tragic and it is indeed Orwellian. Those of us who love the South, black and white together, are having our work destroyed by these sanctimonious demagogues of division.
The NAACP could rightly be called a “Hate Group” at this point in time. There is a massive backlash forming against them and their radical lackeys. If this doesn’t settle down, there will be hell to pay for all Americans.
We must remain non-violent in our responses to these cultural terrorists. And we must remember which politicians turned their backs on our heritage, on their own ancestors, when we get their momentum stopped.
Remember that every national poll taken shows that the American people support our traditional position. The only reason this wave of cultural cleansing is happening is because of political cowardice amongst our elected leaders.
We must not give up an inch to these cultural fascists.
Ben Jones
Washington VA