My Dear Sir,

I have been watching youtube videos of you as you declare the true history of the South and the Confederate Battle flag.  I was moved to tears. You sir are 110% right. I wish more people would look into the true history of the South instead of blindly believing the warped politically correct views of our homeland.
I am Southern born and bred; raised in Rutherford County NC;descended from Revolutionary and Confederate Soldiers; brought up in a God fearing family where blacks and whites were family, created in the image of God; worked in the field together; picked cotton together; lived under the same roof with mutual love and respect for one another. We had confederate battle flags and were proud of our Southern heritage.
Do you have any speaking engagements locally?  If not would you consider coming to Cleveland or Rutherford County NC or Cherokee or Spartanburg County SC?
Keep up the good work of being politically incorrect and speaking the truth. God bless you!
Lydia Fulton