Good Evening Mr. Edgerton,

I just visited your website and have viewed alot of videos on you speaking about the Confederate Battle Flag, the Civil War, and the truth about the Southern People.   I am a man who has always been captivated by the Civil war, and i always hunger to learn more about the truth on the war.  I am from New Mexico, so I don’t know if i would be considered a southerner or a Yankee.  I would say i should be called  southerner, but honestly there is not a lot of history that i have been able to dig up, on New Mexico’s Involvement in the Civil war other than the Battle of Glorieta and the Battle of Valverde Pass.  Whats mostly out there contributes to the Union Army involvement, but not a whole lot on the Confederate Army.   This disturbs me because i enjoy hearing and reading the history from both sides.

I have traveled a good part of this country during my career as a Fire Marshal, and I have met both southerners and Yankees.   All have good and bad folks, but by far, the boys and girls that i have met from Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana have been some of the best loving and kind people i have ever met.  I have a neighbor who just moved in from Georgia, and he is an awesome person, a Vietnam veteran, and a good friend.  the remainder of my neighbors are from Ohio, California, and Colorado.  Sadly, they look down at me because of my heritage as a Spaniard.  But my southern Buddy, no way, I am his equal and I am his friend, and i am privileged to have him as my friend.   I am proud to call southerners  my brothers and sisters, they are the Heart of this great country.

My family’s roots came from northern Spain on both of my parent’s sides.  So i don’t know where exactly we were involved if any.    I know the spanish were involved in the revolutionary war, but history does not speak of it.  So we must have had some thing to do with the Civil war??  We had to?  I guess this is something i have always been curious about.  Anyway, I want to thank you for all you are doing to educate people on the true south.  I have enjoyed tremendously reading your writings, and watching your videos.   I pray one day i get the chance to see you in person giving one of your excellent talks.   I know that the school systems have not given us the full story, as i know Stonewall, Forrest, and others had black soldiers right by their sides.   And I must tell you out of all of the famous generals in the Civil war, Stonewall is my favorite.

In Closing, i must say to you, that i am with your on the Confederate battle Flag, I am Totally disgusted with our country having it removed.   to me the Confederate battle flag is a beautiful flag, especially the ANV flag that you carry on the bamboo cane.  I am very proud to see you carry it the way you do, because it deserves honor.

That Flag is History, it is Heritage, and it was a part of my family history through my Father. He was a Marine Artilleryman in the Korean war, and he himself told me, that they flew the Southern Cross in Korea to mark US positions because they would not let the US Flag be flown.   The Southern Cross my Dad fought under, I have complete respect, reverence and awe for this flag, just as much as the US Flag, and the US Marine Corps Flag.

This has infuriated me beyond all belief, these people need to leave it alone.  If i could only find one that is similar to yours i would display it in a large frame, next to my Dad’s Uniform and his M1 Garand.   I pray, that one day this atrocity will be defeated, and that one day, not a second thought will be given by anyone who sees the Southern Cross, for what it is.  It is freedom, it is unity, it is strength, and above all, it is AMERICAN!!      Thank you again for all you do, and may the Good Lord Bless you and keep you well,

Yours very respectfully,

Rudy Padilla
Santa Fe, NM