Florida NAACP demands Confederate uniform removed from portrait of Robert E. Lee

NAACP demands Florida county commission remove Confederate uniform from portrait of Robert E. Lee.
NAACP demands Florida county commission remove Confederate uniform from portrait of Robert E. Lee.
Screengrab/YouTube/NBC2 News

If members of the Lee County, Florida, branch of the NAACP have their way, the Confederate uniform would be removed from a portrait of General Robert E. Lee that currently hangs in the county commission chambers, a local NBC affiliate reported Saturday. The move is part of the NAACP’s effort to purge the Confederacy from U.S. history in the wake of the shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church.

“What kind of impact our youngsters have when they go to the courthouse, and they see that symbol of

[a] racist leader there in a public facility?” Kennix Roy asked. “She shouldn’t have to apologize for saying take it down.” While some are upset over the portrait, others say there are more important issues to be dealt with.

“The minorities in our community, we know the pain and whatever the Confederate flag or Robert E. Lee portrait is doing,” said area resident Valerie Hamilton. “At this time, we need to be focusing on more bigger issues in our community.” Hamilton, NBC-2 said, recently lost two nephews to gun violence.

Once the local group gets approval from NAACP national leaders, they intend to send a letter to Lee County commissioners demanding action on their request. “As for the Confederacy,” one person said, “that’s in a government building” and should not be seen.

The NAACP has been on a tear in recent days, seeking to remove anything that might be reminiscent of the Confederacy. The group has been compared to ISIS and the Taliban for its demand that a sculpture on Stone Mountain be sandblasted because it features Confederate leaders.

The NAACP’s actions prompted one member to announce on Twitter that she was burning her membership card. A video of the card-burning was posted on Facebook. “Burn, baby, burn,” could be heard as the card was lit on fire. “This ain’t Baltimore.”

The hysteria over the Confederate battle blag, sadly, is not likely to end anytime soon. Liberals, eager to latch onto anything to promote their agenda, claimed victory when the battle flag was pulled from the South Carolina statehouse thanks to the actions of state Republicans, including Gov. Nikki Haley. Now, they are looking for anything, no matter how minor or insignificant, to keep the issue alive in the minds of their supporters.