Jen is working on some new t-shirt designs. Over the years many groups asked me if it was OK to use our old slogan “Are You Mad Enough Yet? I always told them I didn’t own the trademark so why not. Now in 2015, we find it has been used all over the place, so we want to come up with something new. We love the Texas motto: “Don’t Mess With Texas.” We would like a catchy Mississippi equivalent. “Leave Mississippi Alone” somehow seems wimpy next to Texas. Now the Texans will tell us that Mississippi will always be wimpy next to them. How are we gonna respond to that my friends? Put on your thinking caps and come up with a good slogan for Jen to put on the shirts, but do it fast…we are about ready to get tees printed up!
That is all for this week folks. We are being pulled in all directions throughout the State. We do not yet have the horsepower to meet these demands. It is up to us, my fellow Mississippi brothers and sisters, to rise to the occasion. If we do not bravely stand firm on the principles we all profess to hold, we will lose everything that is dear to us. A lot of people have the mentality, “What can one person really do?” Terry Joe Rainey was one man who didn’t know what to do until he joined up with us 15 years ago. That one man decided to walk to Jackson with his little rat terrier. He took two months off work, walked mornings, and set up a table in the afternoons. I know most people can’t take an extended leave from work, but the point remains. I can’t begin to tell you story after story of what one man, or one woman, accomplished in the past history of our organization. They are true heroes. None of them had ever done anything like this before. They had no training and they were all nervous to one degree or another. But they got hold of their fears and found the strength of heart to go forward and do something. Once involved in the fight, the little sparks grew into passionate flames within the souls of many of our people…just common everyday Mississippians.
That is what we are…common folk. We don’t have rich donors or famous people on our rolls. We raise our funds by taking donations for flags or license plates. The truth is, we have never been concerned about quantity…what we seek is quality. We seek quality of character, quality of commitment and quality of service. They say getting Southerners together is like herding cats. is a family made up of such diverse people you could never get us together for anything…yet here we are. We found a way to come together as a people…
We want you in Lucedale and Jackson this week…even if you had to make a drive to be there. Come out and support us and help get this train rolling…
For A Free Mississippi,
John Cripps