Political correctness often requires the suspension of all logic and rationality. It is purely an emotions-based way to live.  And, usually those who practice political correctness make things twice as bad as they were before. The latest target of the “political correctness police” in America is the Confederate flag.  Everyone is now scurrying about to remove as many of these “horrid” symbols as possible.

Of course, this has resulted in much pure stupidity.  Breitbart reports the latest example:

Confederate flags have been removed from South Carolina’s Fort Sumter per a National Park Service directive barring Confederate flags in “units of the National Park system and related sites” with few exceptions.

The Civil War began on April 12, 1861, when South Carolinians fired on federals stationed in Fort Sumter.

Yes, you heard that right.  The Obama Administration, in its rush to appear “sensitive”, is removing the Confederate flag over the very spot where the Civil War started.  How silly and downright dumb!


Breitbart goes on:

According to the Washington Examiner, National Park Service director Jonathan Jarvis sent the following directive relating to the Confederate flag:

Confederate flags shall not be flown in units of the National Park system and related sites with the exception of specific circumstances where the flags provide historic context. … All superintendents and program managers should evaluate how Confederate flags are used … and remove the flags where appropriate.

Of all the texts contained in the directive, only the words “shall not be flown” are in bold.Because of the historicity of the site–the fact it was where the first shots of the Civil War were fired–many have argued that the necessary “historic context” for the Confederate flag is clear. But WMBF reports that the National Park Service has yet to concur. Rather, “a spokesperson at Fort Sumter said the site doesn’t meet the exception for the flag to be flown right now.”

So, at the place where the war started which ended slavery, the flag which has come to represent one side in that war is no longer allowed on the historical site where it all began.




What is wrong with this picture?  But, it gets even worse as Breitbart reveals:

On June 26 Breitbart News reported that the Gettysburg National Military Park bookstore pulled all items “featuring the Confederate flag” from its shelves.

The bookstore’s actions were prompted by a National Park Service request, wherein “concessionaries” were asked to quit selling the Confederate flag following the attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

Once again, this is absurd.  It may well be appropriate to remove the Confederate flag from flying over U.S. state capitols since the Confederacy no longer exists and all of those capitols are American.  But to remove a flag with historical significance from sites where actual events happened is disingenuous to say the least.

Are we next to remove all Nazi flags from WWII museum displays?  Shall we burn all Japanese flags since, after all, they did kill tens 0f thousands of Americans at Pearl Harbor and in the Pacific?

No, this is not America.  A confident proud people can withstand images of things they disagree with and find offensive.  Only weak, insecure bullies can’t abide by things they oppose.

The “hate speech” movement in America may have been started for noble reasons, but once again, political correctness has had unintended dopey consequences.

This latest casualty at Fort Sumter is just the latest.