Update on Georgia SCV Plates 

Men of the Georgia Division and Friends,This is just an update to let you know briefly what we are doing to counter the new attacks against our heritage and what you can do to help for the time being.  Please share this information with the other men in your camps.

1. The commissioner who oversees specialty tags at the Department of Revenue issued an order to all county tag offices this week to stop issuing our specialty plate.  We believe this to be a violation of statutory law and viewpoint discrimination against the SCV.  To this end, we have already initiated contact with the DOR office and Division Commander Bridwell has sent a certified letter to Governor Dealrequesting a meeting for an explanation.  We are working to get this resolved without the need forlegal actions, but we will certainly not rule out the possibility if the problem is not remedied immediately.Currently we have our legal counsel reviewing State Law regarding this matter and will advise the Division of our legal standing.

2.  In the meantime, here is a phone hotline to the governor’s office where you can politely register your disapproval in this matter… 404-656-1776  (how ironic that the last four digits are the same year in which we seceded from Great Britain just as our Confederate forefathers seceded).  Please call the number and have everyone in your camps call.

3. Also I would encourage you to speak to your local State Representative and State Senator to express your concerns over the stop issuance of our specialty tags and also about the general hysteria going on removing our Confederate monuments and how those “other” politicians are caving in to the hysteria without any consideration to the millions of Southerners who has and loves their Confederate Heritage. If you don’t know who your State Representative or Senator is, below is a web link that allows you to put in your address and it will let you know who they are.   http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

4.  We have had a huge spike in the number of downloads of our membership application from the Division website this week.  Here is the link…http://gascv.org/membership-application/        Please download it yourself, print out about a dozen copies, and carry them with you for the next few days and put one in the hand of every man (and his son) who expresses support for our Cause.  We have not had this much popular support since our flag fight here in Georgia in 2001.

I will continue to communicate with you directly when possible and through your Executive Council as we receive communication back with the state; but please realize that this is not a time for sitting back. This is a time when we should be publicly defending our heritage and reaching out to the millions of fellow Southerners who are sympathetic to our Cause.

Yours in the Charge,
Jack Bridwell, Division Commander
Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans