Hello Maria, (sharing your reply w/All Patriots bcc herein w/permission to forward)

My apology for a belated reply as hundreds of communiques are arriving daily.

Yes I have seen this.

What Those People have done will have untold consequences moving forward.

Sadly, most Americans have been largely dumbed down & to the extent they can NO longer ‘Connect any Dots’ realizing what has been done to them as a result.

John Gruber, Obama’s architect who devised the literal plot to unleash ObamaCare upon us probably had it right when he said: “The majority of Americans are so stupid they won’t realize what has been done to them.”

There was a time when Washington and the Special Interests would have never gotten away with what they have today…..but that was a time when the demographic base of America was different that the one Washington has created today.

Polarization has served the TITAN well Maria and today, EVERYONE is ‘Special’- so they think, and as a result, the age old ‘concept’ that we are all Americans NO longer exists.

This country Maria is DOOMED and unless those who have yet to adorn the Blinders Washington has put on most SEPARATE, we are in for a VERY DARK, DANGEROUS AND UNBELIEVEABLE PERIOD HERETOFORE UNTHOUGHT OF IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

God Bless,



From: Maria Brady

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Subject: RE: Va Flaggers: National Raise Your Battle Flags Day – Sunday, June 28th

Hi Craig:  Thought you would enjoy seeing this if you haven’t already.


Subject: The Attack On The Confederate Flag Has Had One Huge Consequence No One Expected | Blogging/Citizen Journalism



The Attack On The Confederate Flag Has Had One Huge Consequence No One Expected


Wednesday, June 24, 2015 17:13

(Before It’s News)


Even though several large online retailers announced they will no longer sell the Confederate battle flag, demand for the southern symbol has largely increased. Calls to eliminate the flag from the public square have escalated since last week when 21-year-old Dylann Roof was charged with killing nine people in Charleston, S.C.


Walmart, Sears, eBay, and Amazon announced Tuesday they will no longer be selling the Confederate flag or anything with its image. Valley Forge Flag, a major flag production company, also said they will no longer sell the stars and bars. Their announcements come after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican, asked her legislature Monday to pass legislation removing a Confederate flag currently on statehouse grounds.


Despite the repudiation of the Confederate battle flag by these companies, sales are going through the roof for smaller outlets, CNNMoney reported. “Somebody in Rhode Island ordered 50 Confederate [lapel] pins,” Kerry McCoy, owner of Flag and Banner in Little Rock, Ark., told CNNMoney. “We sold 20 today and we would normally sell none.”


Freddie Rich of Rebel Store in North Carolina told the outlet that sales have been “unbelievable right now. This is something I never envisioned.” Rich’s site had to stop processing orders after receiving 3,000 in less than 24 hours, he said on his website. On a good day, Rebel Store would receive 20 orders. Here is his company’s statement:


We appreciate your support during this terribly sad time while the intolerant, the mean spirited, and the uneducated attack our Proud Southern Heritage with a vengeance.


Sorry – we have sold out. Thank you so much – our faith in the South has been renewed!


If you have already placed an order with us – please be patient and rest assured that we are working as quickly as possible to get your order out to you and we will send an email as soon as we ship with the tracking information. We have received over 3,000 orders in less than 24 hours, when a good day for us is 20 orders in 24 hours. We are filling them and shipping in the order in which they were received.


As soon as we are ‘caught up’ with the backlog, we will again have the website back up and running.


Please don’t worry that we will ever bow to the historically stupid, politically correct.


h/t: IJ Review



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To: Virginia Flaggers
Subject: FW: Va Flaggers: National Raise Your Battle Flags Day – Sunday, June 28th
Importance: High


Patriots- bcc herein w/permission to forward:


  Attached above is a Confederate Flag Brochure, courtesy of the Virginia Flaggers.

In as much as the Washington Politburo on the Potomac knows little if anything about our Flags, or the miscreants they are associated with, perhaps you might want to learn something about OUR flags that was NEVER taught you in Their Schools!


Taking down our Flags is how their Ideology is SERVED & PROTECTED- at everyone’s expense, except ‘some’, and why this country is being run the way it is today.


I mean… hell, what do y’all expect when they don’t even read the bills they pass or as Elijah Cummings, the black representative from Maryland and ‘lead groupie’ in  their Congressional Black Caucus said NOT long ago: “We Make Up the Rules as We Go Along!”  


And to that end, their end is SERVED- right up to & including those Political RATS who serve their Maniacal Pied Piper ON THE State level….following aimlessly in a ‘KumBaya’ moment suggesting their actions are long overdue while singing the Swan Song of UnFairness.


I’ll tell you what is long overdue & UNFAIR- HOW ABOUT THE TRUTH AS TO WHAT LINCOLN’S CIVIL WAR WAS TRULY ALL ABOUT…but to go THERE would raise the Dome off Their Capitol Dome that flies the SAME FLAG TODAY as the one that flew atop the mast heads on their ships that brought slaves to this country AND MADE MANY YANKEE INDUSTRIALISTS QUITE RICH!


Those ships DID NOT fly ANY Confederate Flag as our Confederate Flag was raised MANY YEARS LATER IN Defense of that Invasion brought about & thanks to those same Industrialists in the North that then needed the South’s wealth as Slavery was coming to an end and thus, with it, the loss of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that had to be made up ‘ELESWHERE’.


But we get ‘tagged’ for what they did and now they stand there acting as the Good Guy representing those who they play tidily winks with on a daily basis & without so much as a word from OUR SIDE.


As such , another Piece of Our History slips away because it serves their current political ideology whose narrative is subterfuge & usurpation.


Ever hear about the ‘Sacrificial Lamb’?…..well they’re going to find out that this ‘Lamb’ has TEETH!


Deo Vindice,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America





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Subject: Va Flaggers: National Raise Your Battle Flags Day – Sunday, June 28th





?The onslaught of attacks against our flags, our Veterans, and our heritage in recent days is unprecedented.  We have seen our enemies exploit a tragedy to further their agenda of eradicating our history and heritage, beginning with the Confederate Battle Flag in SC, and spreading fast and furiously to the point that legislators on Capitol Hill in DC are calling for the removal of ANYTHING Confederate from the building.  Each of us are already engaged, or soon will be facing battles in our own localities, where agitators have already begun to use the momentum against us to remove monuments, markers, street names, school names, park names, and flags.  They have accomplished in just a few days, more than they were able to do in the past 50 years.


While we have suffered setbacks, we are encouraged by what appears to be the beginning of an outcry and pushback from Southerners across the country.  Over the course of two days, we have seen an increase of fans on our FB page by over 1,000 NEW followers.  Our email, messaging, and phone messages are swamped with requests for assistance, offers of support, and folks wanting to know what they can do to get involved.  We believe that this is a crucial time and we must find a way to engage EVERYONE who is ready to stand and fight for our heritage.


Social Media is buzzing with the news that some of the degenerates behind the Anti-Confederate movement are planning another “Burn the Confederate Flag Day” this Saturday, June 27th.  Suprisingly (insert sarcasm font) all of this pandering, bending over backwards to appease, and selling out of our heritage, STILL has not satisfied their thirst for blood, and they plan further protests, desecrating our Fathers’ flags by ceremoniously burning them throughout the U.S.


The Virginia Flaggers have for some time pushed for a shift of responsibility of honoring our ancestors from municipalities to individuals and heritage groups.  The Interstate Flag projects, patterned after the Georgia SCV  Division’s “Project Wave” initiative are one offshoot of this.   We also encourage ALL supporters of Confederate heritage to fly a Confederate flag on your personal property and would like to call EVERYONE to put up a flag and have it flying by Sunday, June 28th, in a show of solidarity of the Southern people, to take a stand against the tide of hate and misinformation, and in honor and memory of the CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS who fought and died in the War Between the States.


“National Raise Your Battle Flag Day”, SUNDAY, JUNE 28th!  Fly a  Confederate flag, take a photo and post on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram…across social media, with the hashtag #RaiseYourBattleFlag, and post the photos to our FB page


Susan Hathaway

Va Flaggers


*We have attached a flier that we use that is a great basic education on the flags and we encourage you all to print out as many as you can and have them handy to pass out when you have discussions with friends, family members, and total strangers about our flags. 



Virginia Flaggers

P.O. Box 547

Sandston VA 23150