Shortly after being notified  of the vandalism of the Jefferson Davis Monument in Richmond on Thursday, our Flaggers headed to the monument.  The scene there was very tense, as press, agitators, and a heavy police presence converged at the scene.



Thank you all for your many phone calls and follow up with the Richmond officials!  The city did get a crew out the same day.  They worked to remove the graffiti, but were unable to completely remove it.

We, once again, ask that everyone call again Monday morning, and ask about when the removal will be completed.

Please call (804) 646-5733.  On Thursday, many people experienced long wait times, but if you insist on holding, you will eventually get through.

After leaving the scene, our Flaggers took a brief break for a bite to eat and to catch their breath…and then headed on to the VMFA Thursday evening.  Over a dozen Flaggers stood on the Boulevard, with little opposition, and some good conversations and signs of growing support.



On Friday night, we received a call from several supporters who had surprised a vandal in the process of desecrating the Jefferson Davis Monument AGAIN.  The perpetrator took off running, leaving the stencil he was using behind.  Police were called and dusted the item left behind for finger prints.  They sent us these photos…


We have contacted the RPD for more information on this investigation, and hope to have an update soon.
In the wake of these attacks, the Virginia Flaggers have organized to have folks conduct (auto) patrols of the monuments, in pairs, each night from dusk to midnight.  Several local SCV camps, Mechanized units, and OCR Chapters are volunteering to cover shifts, starting with the Edmund Ruffin FireEaters tonight.  If you, or your heritage organization, would like to volunteer for this citizen patrol, please contact us so we can coordinate schedules.

In the meantime, we have two generous offers to match our initial $500 reward offered, so that we are now offering a $1500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible.  We will have more details on Monday, after getting everything set up with the CrimeStoppers organization.

Thank you all, again, for your help in this.  Every phone call makes a difference, and lets City officials know that there are many people who are very concerned about protecting and preserving our monuments.

Finally, I want to leave you with this UPLIFTING story out of Tampa today…

“There will be no confederate flag burning today on the steps of the Brooksville courthouse. A group of 10 activist drove from Tampa with the intention of burning a Confederate flag they were met head on by over 300 plus confederate flag waving Southern pride Brooksville people. The activist stood their ground and shouted Black people matter yet the African Americans that attended the rally stood on the side of Southern Pride and chanted “Go Home” photo by John Bowman “

  Fox 13, Tampa


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