I was born in northern Michigan, and in the course of my life, lived literally all over the world, in the military, as the son of a military careerist, and since my own retirement, in many places.  When I retired, the wife and I and our extended family traveled to Colorado, and settled in the mountains.  The people in the high country turned out to be some of the most insane liberals on the face of the earth, and every little thing you could think of, offended them!  Worse, they were unbelievably racist, especially against Indians, and others with “hard to pronounce” foreign names.

My wife worked for the Census several years in a row, and discovered that the people of this area, were so anti-everything, you dare not say the wrong thing in public.  Suffice it to say, in 2004 after seven years in the mountains, we sold our property, and went looking for better environs.

We went on an 8500 mile “road trip”, and ended up in south-eastern Alabama, and ended up buying a home in the city of Dothan.  This community turned out to be the ultimate dream come true.  We found the people to be the most friendly I’ve ever known.  Race did not matter; blacks and whites worked together, prayed together, and within the first year there, we enjoyed the foods and friendliness of probably every black owned restaurant in town.

Back in the early 1970’s, while in the Army, I was posted at the nearby Fort Rucker (about 40 miles west of Dothan), and discovered I could not rent an apartment in town, because of my race and color.  It is not that way today!  The entire world of the South has changed, in spite the race-baiters lies.

Oh yeh … I am an Indian!  My family on Daddy’s side is full blooded Mescalero Apache, from the southern Arizona deserts. Mom’s family is Italian.  My wife is a typical Texan of Irish descent, and my oldest child is Jewish, from her Mom’s side.  We were accepted, as is, regardless of our skin coloring and our mixed races.

Part of our “indoctrination” into southern life, was the history of the South, including the history of the Confederacy. And … it was taught by a black woman!  Yes, there was a lot of perceived hate by some, for the acts of slavery which took place back then, But, we found out that the biggest plantation in the state was owned by a free black man, who owned more slaves than any other.  Another surprise to came about, is that the South began freeing the blacks before the Civil War even started, yet in the North, many who escaped by the so-called  ‘underground railroad’, ended up back in chains,, in the north!  Go figure….!

Its time for all people to pull their heads out of their backsides, and open their eyes … and dump the race-baiters, who have put all people on the edge, and for what purpose?  Why of course, to keep themselves relevant in this modern age …. apparently many have discovered the great distance we have all traveled together, since MLK crossed the Pettus Bridge, a half century ago.

Visit Alabama and see the difference.

Steve Mungie
70 years and moving on!