To: “H. Edgerton”


I am preparing a series of articles for my blog A Bit Political to explain (as neutrally as possible) the aftermath of the shootings in Charleston. The four-part series will include the psychological roots of Dylann Roof’s racism, an analysis of what the word “racism” really means (short answer: whatever the user wants it to mean), the gun control issue; and finally, why many Southerners, including yourself, are so passionate in support of the Confederate flag. Obviously, you cannot be a racist against your own people.

I invite you to guest-post on my blog a piece on what the Confederate flag represents to you (ideally, 500-750 words, but I’ll take whatever I get), if I can have it within a week from today. I will post it unedited, except for typos, and most likely uncommented. If your schedule does not permit writing such a piece, I would still appreciate a link to a textual source that closely reflects your views.

I am a life-long resident of Ohio whose great-great-grandfather was a poor white laborer north of Roanoke, Virginia. I have tried to analyze this war as dispassionately as possible (which, of course, isn’t easy for anyone to do), and honestly believe with Alexander Stephens that “the cause of the South is the cause of us all.” The South not only was defending slavery and a traditional culture — it was defending the Constitution, the homes of its people, and its own economy. Because of the Northern victory, all of America outside New York was robbed of its wealth, and the centralization process began that accelerated in 1913 with the income tax, the direct election of Senators, and the Federal Reserve Bank. But of course, thanks to the Left, all this is swept under the rug.

Your voice in this debate has an authority very few other people can muster. I would greatly appreciate whatever you can offer — and of course, you are free to use the same material wherever else you choose.